The ‘green new deal’ is to climate activism what ‘same sex marriage’ was to the LGBT movement.

It’s the most limited, most reformist goal available, that’s pushed by NGOs and - yes - green corporate funding, to co-opt the energy and potential of a movement that could be revolutionary.

We can’t achieve queer liberation within the state. We can’t save the planet within capitalism. The idea that we’ll get to the revolution if we just put all our energy behind a reformist goal first is misguided.

@queeranarchism it's possible to do more than one thing, so would you say that it would be a tactical misstep not to vote for GND politicians as *well* as doing climate activism?

I was quite specifically talking about the movement. The things we put time, energy and passion into.

I don't really care whether people vote for GND. There's never anything but limited reformist options in the voting booth anyway, so you might as well go for the least shitty one.

@queeranarchism ah got it

are (left-wing) people actually organising a movement behind the GND? I'm not american so I wouldn't know

@restioson I'm not american either but the answer is yes. Groups like Extinction Rebellion are campaigning for a 'green new deal' in several European countries as well & if you look at groups calling for 'declaring a climate emergency', often somewhere in their demands of what such an emergency would entail, the green new deal pops up.

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