I’m frustrated by how often solar punks and post-civs talk about ‘turning our lawns into vegetable gardens’

Villa lawns and golf courses are bad, but the tiny lawn of our living groups is the one place in the sun where we can exist as queer, or mad, or nude as we like and the grass playgrounds in the neighbourhood provide local community building.

And these ‘lawns’ provide a free place to relax in a world where most recreation is commercialized.

So my solar punk future has lawns.

@queeranarchism Yes, but also replace the non-native resource-hungry monoculture with wildflowers, or a native ground cover, or just let the weeds take it over. That space can be a habitat for nature as much as it is for us

@socalledunitedstates @queeranarchism and relaxing under the fruit trees is as good or better than without them


I am all for clover lawns and small gardens. Let the rabbits and the bees enjoy the good life too.

I'm all for back yards! Having private space outdoors is such a lovely thing that can be really hard to come by.

I'm calling false dichotomy on this one.

*Goes back to watching his son play on the lawn with the sprinkler next to the vegetable garden.*


When someone is criticizing a common dichotomy (like my post did)

and describing why the vilified part of the dichotomy can actually be pretty good,

then calling 'false dichotomy' is not a helpful contribution.

Yeah, sorry. My toot was poorly said. I was trying to agree with you by exemplifying the existence of the thing you were holding up as possible and desirable.

Oh hey, this has been pestering me for a while and I didn't have words to put on it. It's not bad for a thing to exist without a purpose other than It's Nice. Although personally I want a honeysuckle lawn cuz grass is boring

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