The more I realize that online environments less hostile than Tumblr, twitter and facebook are possible,

the more I get a tendency to simply refuse to interact with people who seem intent on purposely misunderstanding me, irritating me or just not engaging with me on the assumption of good intentions and the desire for mutually enjoyable contact.

& I'm still learning how to treat others like that and checking myself for the harmful behaviors that I have learned on social media.

Everything I've learned of internet etiquette came from the glory days of yahoo chatrooms.
πŸ’£ ☠️

@queeranarchism you'll get the hang of things in no time comrade, welcome to non(orless)-toxic social media :ancomheart:

@queeranarchism it can be hard, I still catch myself going to the behaviours engendered by the other sites

@queeranarchism every now and then I catch myself about to do something very :birdsite: it will require constant vigilance. If someone thinks they've gotten over it or are immune, then they are actually especially susceptible.

@queeranarchism I had a weird revelation during the time I was in mil camp, reading religiously about MBTI, and checking out some Kiwi sailor stories.

Suddenly, I felt like the priority for being considerate rose up in ranks.

Don't get me wrong - I still don't like language-skirting and would happily give commands if the situation calls for it - but it put me on this new view on life.

And I don't regret it. Save for my view of a certain person.

@queeranarchism tbh, I think this is the single most important piece of advice for anyone online right now. I had this epiphany a while ago, too, and I'm still not perfect at it, but it's making my life a lot better and I just wish enough other people could learn it too that such things didn't take over discussions when someone else bit the hook.

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