Someone on Tumblr pulled a 'capitalism versus hunter-gatherers' binary, so I wrote a semi-long reply about how much better technology would be without capitalism.
Thought the solar punks might like it:


Okay, you piqued my curiosity.

What if we began applying the principles of hunting gathering for our own survival and luxury right here, right now?

Let's say, in the most egregious and superflous way, that I want a 40 " TV with HDMI port and all that. No, I should NOT start with that, and I know, but I'm a greedy consumer 😋

In a capitalist world, I need like $1,200.

What would I need to spend and do, to 3D print and assemble my own cheap 40” smart TV?

@rick_777 @queeranarchism I don't know how much the displays and such cost, but the controllers are usually pretty cheap. Think of like the cost to manufacture a Raspberry Pi. Or if you want 4K or 120Hz, an ODROID

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