This is coming from a place of making a living wage but

‘Capital stealing the value of my labor’ doesn’t feel nearly as important as capital stealing my LIFE.

40 hours of my week + recovery time. My education choices. Where I can live. Whether I own a pet. Capitalism limits all the wonderful things I could do in life.

I know money can acquire some of these things. I just think the phrase ‘capitalism steals the value of your labor’ isn’t communicating well how much capitalism steals from us.

@queeranarchism Compound this with the fact that many workers (40% according to Graeber) don't actually produce any value at all with their labor. I think the amount of pointless work and Bullshit Jobs is a point we need to supplement surplus value with in our messaging

@queeranarchism this messes me up. Because it is right. Trainings at my job(s) include "making sure you are engaging in self-care." Which sometimes feels like work. I hate that.


Yeah, I can relate. So much of our 'free time' is spend getting the right amount of sleep, nutrition, leisure that we need to be able to work again on Monday. This seems to be true of pretty much all workers.
That's not 'free' time. That's just us doing more unpaid work repairing ourselves so we can work some more.

@queeranarchism @Laceyforestart This thread speaks to me so much. It doesn't help that many of my friends work weekends and odd hours. The most consistent time we get to hang out for these days is for a tabletop game... on Sunday night.

@queeranarchism I feel this so much. For me and my SO, it's stolen so much time from our relationship - we're long-distance for the sole reason that he couldn't find any jobs with good pay and reasonable security in my city. I know a lot of other couples who barely spend any time together even though they're cohabiting thanks to their jobs, and I'm sure that contributes to plenty of breakups and divorces.

Agreed. I think that is why I gravitate towards the anarchist way of thinking. Socialism has great economic analysis but I feel is not centrally concerned with the question of liberty. We are SO spiritually crushed by capitalism. How can we get free from the means by which it constrains us? I don't want to run the factory, I want out out out!

@kavbojka @queeranarchism FYI the Soviet Union was planning to reduce the working day to less than 4 hours by 1980. Unfortunately revisionism took hold before this could be achieved.


Yeah, personally I'd be fine working in a worker-owned factory, provided I could bring my dog, sign up for shifts when I felt like it and sign out when I want more rest, travel to a different city and do an occasional shift in a factory there, also do 'work' in cooking, art, gardening. etc.

If a factory is the kind of building we need to meet some of our needs, I don't mind. It's the clock-in, clock-out, tied-down in one place, 'every day is the same' aspects that need to go.

@kavbojka @queeranarchism the factory should run itself so we can just go "make me a..... idk a cute dress" and then the only work is if it breaks to fix it

@kavbojka @queeranarchism like kjsdfgkjg i mean in an automation way not like. how things are right now way

@queeranarchism Being a poorly payed social worker, even to the point of being homeless, I felt I always had better quality of life than friends of mine who became real estate agents, Goldman Sachs bankers, played the rat race.

Knowing you're spending all day going to pointless meetings, writing emails no one really reads, writing bad code that ultimately steals from, hurts and kills people globally - it crushes the white collar's humanity, relationships, dignity. At least the non-sociopathic.

@queeranarchism The skyscraper creates undignified ghettos, undignified fast food workers. Those people doing things of value -- teachers, nurses, firefighters -- are materially impoverished, barely scraping by. But it also creates undignified, soul-sucking and vapid office life. Mortgage enslavement and spiritual impoverishment.

Neoliberal capitalism creates Two Cities, both destitute, however differently.

@silverspookgames @queeranarchism

Since I already brought up shitty bosses elsewhere, I will always treasure the look I got in my civil service days when I told the boss, "Hey, this money is good enough for me to cut back to 32-35 hrs. a week so I can get some art done. Can you help?"

I might as well have taken a dump on her carpet, based on the reaction I got.

@silverspookgames @queeranarchism

2-3 years after I quit, the county had financial troubles and began handing out unpaid furloughs like candy on Halloween... to all my former co-workers who didn't want them. :/

@queeranarchism "modern capitalism is not about work, but about availability to work" – Mark Fisher.

@queeranarchism My takes are not coming from a place of making a living wage, and yet I agree with you.

@queeranarchism Capitalism is also the thing that gets you cheap flights to vacations half way around the world. And all the types of fruits and vegetables you want all year long in just about anywhere on the planet.

I’ll choose a planet that isn’t dying, a humanity that takes care of each other and a life that I can shape according to my own desires over some tropic fruits any day.

@queeranarchism Right. You mean: the global economy that has helped reducing the total number of people killed in conflicts, greatly reducing hunger, and greatly increasing literacy all over the world?

lol, you're really that clueless? ok, whatever.

I am not here to debate anyone, least of all people who actually still believe in something as destructive as capitalism while our planet is facing probable capitalism-induced mass extinction.

I'm here to chat with my anarchist buddies and learn from each other. Bye bye.

@queeranarchism I hope there's a special circle of Hell reserved for landlords who don't allow any pets.
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