I don't know why I even bother to encrypt my emails or hide my face at demos anymore....

I don't really remember the story behind this picture but i found it on an old disk and it made me happy so i thought i'd share it.

Queers need to bring back tie-dye. So many of us love DIY/recycling and the rainbow or other queer-coded color spectra. It just makes sense.

Hearing the latest racist/colonialist/ ableist/capitalist bullshit some climate activists pulled,

sighing "I hate the climate movement" and ALL the climate activists at the table nodding in agreement

is like, a weekly thing now.

the future is outrunning cops til they run out of battery

anti-trans propaganda 

Whats that one meme that started as a conservative framing of trans culture where it goes like: forsake the gender binary, kill god, dismantle the american dream?

tech, fashPol 

ableism and minimum wage 

The webpage of the german police union got hacked,
There is an anarchist message and a #hamibleibt banner to find on it now.

It is being done in response to the #police union protecting facists in the police, by claiming:

the cops that made and distributed images of themself in nazi chats, with nazi symbols written on the wall behind themself and a big tag that is directed against the climatejustice movment #endegeländemm have just done something imprudent, and the real problem is the discourse against the cops.

Now they are hacked.

Time for a complete genre change in this hashtag with some queer pop about being gay and doing crimes.

Ängie - Smoke Weed Eat Pussy
(invidio doesn't always seem to work for this song so: youtube.com/watch?v=di3vhELi6P )

@becky just reminded me of the song
The Interrupters - "Take Back The Power"
Which is one of my favorite songs so now it needs to go into


consent and violation 

Since we're talking consent, It might be time to share this classic again:

You Can Take It Back: Consent as a Felt Sense

@queeranarchism tbh I don't know them well but I think most of their songs about drinking and probably join the riot was written about drinking too.
I found this though:

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