I need presents for my friends. What's your favorite queer/anarchist/antifa Etsy or DIY store?
I like this store for DIY embroidery patches:

Dear social justice folks around the world: I am as happy as you are to see the decline of Facebook, but please please please do not replace it with Instagram, a platform owned by the same company with all the same privacy problems, censorship of anyone who uses Tor, etc. It's just as shit and unsafe as FB. Do not.

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as someone who works in and went through drug recovery please please please delete the "they have to hit rock bottom for motivation" trope from your mind

it's not true it's not true in the slightest the earliest someone enters treatment the easier it will go

people say "gender is a spectrum" but then they think of it like a point along a gradient, or like a HSL value in a color wheel

i would like to posit that if gender is, in fact, a spectrum, then individual genders are not single points or even contiguous blobs but rather are more like this

The next GAF Livestream is out on the 8th of July! The topic is the increasingly worrying idea of eco-fascism. This livestream will be co-hosted by friends from Ende Gelände and the London Antifascist Assembly Check out the link for details:

Cool resource: withuiswerk.nl/

Dutch and English language resources about whiteness, privilege, zwarte piet, intersectionality, allyship, black feminism, history, parenting, white saviorism, workplace racism and more.

It is obvious that the rich, private jets and business flights are the biggest part of the problem
along with the society that allows them to just do this incredibly destructive shit with no consequences.

But like going vegan, never flying is also one of those very few 'consumer choices' that actually has a pretty immediate direct impact.

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I am not a primitivist AT ALL. Technology is to me an essential puzzle piece in stopping climate change while achieving quality of life.

That said, I'm down for a future without flying.

It would be so easy to organize our lives in a way that makes flying utterly unnecessary and any inconvenience that would bring doesn't measure up to the enormous damage flying does to our climate.

Only 5-20% of the world population has ever taken a flight.
Of the few percent of the world population who have ever flown, an even smaller proportion flies regularly. For example, numbers for England show that 10% of the residents take more than half of the flights abroad.

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I hate the ‘our grandchildren will ask us how we let this monstrous thing happen’ line.

Unless we actually have a revolution so we raise kids without training obedience and passivity into them from birth, they’ll be like the people that came before: horrified by a few of the evils of our time - selected in textbooks written by those in power - while complicit in evils as big.

History isn't progress & we don't need the eyes of the future watching us to see injustice. We can do that ourselves.

Someone corrected my spelling on the internet last week. The first time that has happened in years.

And in one horrific flashback I remembered that this pointless ableist condescending classist bullshit used to be constant and totally normal on every online platform a decade ago.

I guess something got better.

I wrote a long post about the 'return to normal' and why I think acts of mourning and processing might counter a second wave: queeranarchism.tumblr.com/post

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