If you don't know how to stop a tank - stop a tank factory.
Or one of hundreds of other institutions we collected on this map. They are all supporting and benefiting from the mass murder of the people of #Rojava !


follow the link to see that full map:
(note about the map: it's open for editing. So feel free to join maintaining it.)
#Riseup4Rojava #defendRojava

I am trying so hard to be the kind of sensible person that doesn't believe in things like ' is a government sting'

& then they just ask people to fill in an online form with your full name, address, phone number and admit willingness to commit crimes that the UK is willing to prosecute under terrorism laws.

I.. don't... want... to... believe... you're... the feds.... but... you're..... not... making.... it easy.....

XR is still doing it. Asking people to sign up with their clear names and adress for prison sentence.

honestly..if things like this don't change...then boycott XR.

a lot of farmers don't want to be fucking local ecology up, but if they stop they'll lose their homes, their communities and everything they have by changing to another job or method of farming that isn't subsided

Concerned mother published letter in the newspaper because the local squat 'lures in teens with parties where they are surrounded with coke and speed dealers'.

Very tempted to send a reply:
- In this house we teach teenagers to buy in bulk from a reliable dealer in a sober daylight setting and use a home test before taking it.
- This is more of an MDMA and mushrooms sort of squad.

"Waiting around for the government to do something will bring us nothing... We need immediate action" Agitate. Educate. Organise. A piece on how to aid the Kurds from the UK. :rojava:


US fascism + ICE, call to action 

Reposting in English:

French Yellow Vests build a burning barricade to stop the cops. XR activists tried to put out the fire.

One might say they tried to extinguish the rebellion...


..aber auch andere Gruppen sind zu Aktionen auf den Straßen. Zum Schutz vor Polizeigewalt werden oft Barrikaden errichten, manchmal aus strategischen Gründen auch angezündet.

Eine #ExtinctionRebellion Gruppe hat dies sabotiert:

veganism, eating disorders 

Anyone know an online sharing tool of excel / tables that ISN'T google or a similar shitty service?
Preferably something encrypted, eventually self-destructs, ya know

so I've been chatting here and there and heard about an action that happened yesterday outside the BBC. protesters occupied the outside as usual. however, it's private land, the police cannot kick the protesters off unless the BBC asked them to... and they refused, they said it's a legitimate protest. so, things got bold. 2 guys climbed up the roof and refused to get down unless given a live interview by a lead journalist on the 6pm news.... they got it. tactics are evolving here

veganism, eating disorders 

veganism, eating disorders 

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