I finished my several-day deep-dive into Extinction Rebellion and wrote a long-ish post on why I am staying far away from the movement: queeranarchism.tumblr.com/post

Me: Even though I don't agree with their tactics, I should give this Extinction Rebellion a second look. They're really active and that's kind of...

XR twitter: "Most police are reasonable people."

Me: It's probably just one naive person, I'm sure people in the movement will correct this.

... 21 hours... no correction...

Me: ok, maybe no second look. Maybe I'm just staying so so far away from this.

(source: twitter.com/ExtinctionR/status)

@queeranarchism I agree the idea of real revolution and just throwing bodies in front of the establishment in protest to let them beat on and jail is a deeply flawed notion. The powers that be don't care that much, they always just wait for people to go away and continue on with business as usual.

I've been trying to write about the things that bug me about Extinction Rebellion
(one partial attempt here: queeranarchism.tumblr.com/post)
but really I should probably stop trying and just hand people a copy of 'The Failure of Nonviolence' by Peter Gelderloos. (theanarchistlibrary.org/librar)

Stansted 15 activist Ben Smoke writes: “Extinction Rebellion protesters who want to be arrested: be careful what you wish for”

What’s the best analysis (from an anarchist perspective) written so far on Extinction Rebellion? Preferably not something entirely US-centric or UK-centric.

good morning and remember that all states are illegitimate but especially ethnostates

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So some advice:

If someone expresses discomfort about how they feel in their own body, do not tell them to not change their body.

And if someone expresses discomfort about how society views their body, do NOT advice them on how to change their body, unless they specifically ask for that kind of advice.

Transition includes deciding that our body is ours to control, but also deciding what we change for ourselves.

I’ve expressed discomfort several times about the way society associates baldness with maleness. Every time I did, at least one trans person has advice me to just start taking some extra medication if I start going bald.

That’s pretty unnerving to me. If society has a problem, I shouldn’t be the one solving it by committing myself to more lifelong medication and becoming invisible.

Funny and really good introductory video about how the statues promoted by the Alt-Right that are supposed to represent a mythical and glorious white past - were never white to begin with, and how whiteness is a social invention that keeps changing. youtube.com/watch?v=TkwUCUwt3R

@queeranarchism It is pretty absurd, that the whole goal of work is to make life easier, but once life gets easier suddenly we're called unworthy, unemployed and worthless. Ideally we'd all want to be unemployed, with all of our jobs automated, so that way we could help our friends out with our time, rather than spending it in servitude of an employer who is very likely not our friend.

Wish people would stop reading any of my statements with the most ignorant and wrong possible interpretation of my words just so they can make a big show of smugly correcting me for like, social capital or something I guess

I don't have to qualify every single thought I have with 4 paragraphs of "but obviously don't do x if it'd cause y and if you're z you're often not capable of doing x so this post isn't directed towards people who are z" because most people are intelligent enough to work out my intention and kind enough to not assume I'm willfully misleading people

Chelsea Manning's health threatened by solitary confinement in Virginia jail, her support group says trib.al/eFFYR6M 

How I Defeated Fascism With the Power of Love

by Luigi


Chapter 1: The Power of Love

The first step in my journey was realizing that it is impossible to defeat fascism with the power of love.

Chapter 2: The Power of Incredible Violence

One smashed storefront is worth more than all the petitions in the world

There's a pervasive liberal myth that the powerful care, or even want to know, what we think. It's the same thought process behind sidewalk protests, because the thing that *really* causes change is witty slogans on posterboard

These things have *never* worked, yet people still believe that all we need is a few more signatures and a few more protestors and then they'll crack. Why should they?

The only language the ruling class speaks is force. If you don't make it more damaging for them to keep up than to relent to you, they won't give a fuck

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Working on a t-shirt design for myself. I'm going for plausible deniability - the goal is for every anarchist who sees it to immediately and confidently know that I'm an anarchist, but in case my parents or boss sees it I can be like "oh, that does look a little like the anarchist A, I'd never noticed. what a funny coincidence!"

Tell me what y'all think :black_bloc_blob:

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