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what i learned in 48h on mastodon:

- DMs are not 100% private as the admin of the instance can see them; don't give away too much, leave them wanting for more
- despite mastodon's less "instinctive" format and rules, shitposting always finds a way
- going back into the void, having to manually search for your people again, reminds you of how ugly the world is, and how valuable blocking is

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Tumblr refugee like a ton of people here at the moment. Just exploring and testing for now.

“The government tried to sell our lands to the oil companies without our permission. Our rainforest is our life. We decide what happens in our lands. We will never sell our rainforest to the oil companies. Today, the courts recognized that the Waorani people, and all indigenous peoples have rights over our territories that must be respected. The government’s interests in oil is not more valuable than our rights, our forests, our lives.”
–Nemonte Nenquimo

Hey if anyone has any examples of cooperatively/collectively owned and operated restaurants could you let me know?

Slightly urgent. Boosts appreciated.


"Welcome to the Infinite Library. We have all books that could possibly exist."
"Do you have any I could have written?"
"Yes, we have all of them."
"Are they... are they any good?"
"Some potentially possible readers love them."
"Thank you. I'd better try to write then."
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

hrrgnh colonel im trying to sneak around but im dummy sticc and the clap from my ass cheeks keeps alerting the birds

anyone familiar with : is it a sudden disorder or does it develop progressively over the years?

in questo episodio di "Gli Etero TM"...

tizio in classa: questa manovra di massaggio è unisex...o bisex. lo stesso.

io, Stanco TM: unisex. bisex è qualcos'altro...

dopo ho anche dovuto spiegare, sembra che questo uomo di 50+ anni non ha mai sentito parlare di bisessualità...




2019: scottish parliament put forth a parliamentary motion to congratulate "the online gamer, harry brewis, who is known by the handle HBomberGuy"


A G20 Summit will be held in Osaka this June, so police demonstrated VIP bodyguard drills in Yanmar Stadium this morning.


100k of donations for the Mermaids charity for trans kids in the UK so far on hbomberguy's dk64 stream, join in and a lot of leftist youtubers!!!

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hbomberguy, leftist youtuber, started a donkey kong 64 stream to raise money for Mermaids, a trans charity in the UK that helps trans kids, to protest Graham Linehan (TV writer) who teamed up with terfs and got a lottery grant that was gonna go to the charity to be reviewed.
The stream has been going much better than anticipated and they raised $55k so far!
Go check it out, the CEO of Mermaids is on right now

Actually Mario is the name of the Doctor.
His monster'is known as The Miiverse.


Here's a useful counterintuitive fact: one 18 inch pizza has more 'pizza' than two 12 inch pizzas


when my cat thinks i'm not waking up fast enough, she grooms my hair with her tongue

a cat tongue on your scalp hurts like hell

she's not doing this to pet me, she's doing this to torture me

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