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-Italy begins stripping lesbian mothers of their parental rights-

"In conjunction with its crackdown on the rights of same-sex parents, the Italian government has begun retroactively stripping same-sex parents of their legal connection to their children."

#discrimination #homophobie #LGBTIQA #LGBTQ #italy #Meloni #Eu #children

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It looks like they've underestimated the #ClimateCrisis impact on food worldwide. Starvation is coming folks unless we depose the ruling class and its farcical government and replace it with true #democracy.

Lobbying is simply legalized bribery, pass it on.

isn't about political power - it's the deformed offspring of Jon Stewart from the Bush era (not his fault). If you demonstrate that you're snarkier and smarter than the stupid CHUDs and hysterical leftists, then Obama will materialize, make the GOP go away, and let you get back to brunch.

"Avenge Banko Brown"
Graffiti in San Francisco in reference to the murder of a 24-year-old black, trans, homeless activist who was unable to get a housing spot he’d long been pursuing, had been turned away from multiple shelters, and was forced to sleep on the train.

Brown’s friends and family suspect he was severely exhausted and hungry on 27 April when a security guard at a downtown Walgreens supermarket confronted him for allegedly shoplifting – and fatally shot him. Brown, who was unarmed, had reportedly tried to take snacks from the store.

The killing of a budding activist, and the San Francisco district attorney’s decision to not charge the security guard, and initial refusal to release video of the murder sent sent shockwaves through the city, sparking disgust at the quick use of deadly force by a private guard and protests about the city’s continued failures to provide housing, services and basic safety for Black trans youth like Brown.

Such an important observation!

"Ad-driven social media platforms are willing to tolerate monumental volumes of abusive users [because] hate and fear drives engagement, and engagement drives ad impressions.

Mastodon is not an ad-driven platform. There is absolutely zero incentives to let awful people run amok in the name of engagement."

“American brain worms” is a thing we talk about regularly among my friends and family here in Iceland. It’s become really noticable that people who go to study in the US come back with extremely strange ideas. Noticably anti-union, libertarian (by Icelandic standards), pro-violence in all sorts of context, etc (Iceland is a broadly pacifist country with no army). You don’t see the same massive indoctrination in people who go and study in other countries.

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Canadian Forest Fire Crisis has burned 10 million hectares. More than the size of Ireland has already burned. It is still growing, not slowing.

Climate change is exactly as bad as warned, all assurances are exposed as lies.

Continents are drying out into the soil.The treeless shores of the Artic Ocean are burning. Nothing we can forecast is going to decrease the dryness of continents.

We must fullout build like war to replace carbon. Like tanks.


It's all gone to shit since Anne Rice died anyways

Constellations of Starlink satellites swarming Earth’s orbital skies are currently polluting wavelength bands that are supposed to be protected for radio astronomy.

And in reality no challenge can ever be made, since the danger of the right will always be used as justification.

It's with more steps and nonsense.

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could make that critique because, whether you agree with it or not, he **was** offering an alternative, that of a vanguard party pushing without ceasing for revolution.

does **not** have that. By his own admission, none such exists in the west anywhere. So then his critique is nothing more than a demand to support regimes that currently run the state, without any plan to ever challenge such

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"There was both envy and condemnation as they watched “ordinary” people breaking into the pinnacle of state sovereignty, creating a carnival that momentarily suspended the rules of public life."

But seems unable to understand the principle of . Yes, the left should provide social services and aid. But not through the mechanisms of the state, instead through competing organizations that bring support to the left, not the existing state.

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The same ones that have failed the populace so completely that the right wing can credibly attempt coups, because those failed institutions are so unpopular.

Nije dobro, druze, nije dobro.

The dumbest part is he gets this.

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Article from . . .

So, aside from liberal whining about how violent protest just deligitimizes and hurts the poor more, his call is then for the left, in the face of right wing revolutionary energy towards civil war, to be the party of law and order.

In other words, the left will take on the burden of defense of existing institutions.

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