Last Day - 30 - Autistic Pride

Autistic pride means that I don't have to continue wondering what's wrong with me, or break myself over "fixing" my neurotype, and can in fact join and build a community of people doing the same.

Autistic pride is knowing that neurodiversity exists and that people will create a space where the response to it is not violence and eugenics, and indeed start reaching for the alienated of us in need of protection.

Autistic pride means I don't need to wish for being allistic. It means I can wish for a release from neurotypical conformity and the harm of the white supremacist eugenicists who structured that violence.

Autistic pride means that I can survive harmful interactions and feel empowered to push back on them.

Autistic pride means that I'm super excited to recapture some lost parts of myself, and learn to take care of myself better than I ever have.

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