re: Mentioning suicide, personal and yet meta 

@Qwyrdo Thank you for being here with me. πŸ’œ *claims hug and hugs back*

In the present, I also did laundry, laughing into the face of society!

re: personal and yet meta 

πŸ’• πŸ’•

I've had two or three brief but intense bouts with suicidation in the last month alone. As it turns out, I have a cyclical pattern in which I start writing people, places, and plans off for small hurtful occurrences until I don't feel like there's anywhere left for me to move to and feel safe.

Coming up out of that currently, trying to be mindful of what I do have in terms of support / fulfillment and focus on that.

re: personal and yet meta 

@loptr_punk *nods* this reads very relatable. I value your contributions to our universe, so it's good you're still here. πŸ’œ

If emotional support is in order (and you feel safe with this idea) please don't hesitate to @ me, because believe me: if I see that you struggled later, I'll wish I could have been there to help. Not to mention the other outcome.
(However, just saying, no strings attached.)


re: personal and yet meta 

I greatly appreciate it β™‘ Thank you so much. Feel free to DM me if you ever want or need someone to chat. I may not always be immediately available but I will always try, and will definitely always respond.

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re: personal and yet meta 

@loptr_punk Ditto β™‘ Same

(interpersonal stuff seems to be difficult right now, like... expressing emotion in a meaningful way. This explanation: no problem. xD )

Anyhow: πŸ’œ (good to have a catchall handy)

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