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It's a huge problem that nations are failing to meet their climate- and ecological targets.
The main problem however, is the fact that their targets are completely insufficient in the first place.
We can't solve a crisis without treating it like a crisis.

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Disabled people since forever: we need more money to survive

Abled people: no

Panama Papers: hiii happy 2016! might be cute later uwu

Disabled people: ??

Abled people: still no. Also we're giving tax cuts to the rich

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"Should the racist violent insurrectionists at the Capitol be punished? Absolutely. But so too should the bought-off politicians who do the bidding of our morally bankrupt corporate America. These politicians and the CEOs they serve are purveyors of violence. They trade in, produce, and reap violence." rt.com/op-ed/512429-lee-camp-a

Only 20?

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There are now 20 Capitol Police officers being investigated for their role in the Capitol attack.

How scary is that?

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Every single thing a member of congress went through on 1/6 pales in comparison to what a homeless person goes through every single day.

Do better.

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The reason Mitch McConnell and a number of Republicans are now considering throwing Trump under the bus is because all of corporate America is dumping the GOP at 1,000 mph

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Friendly reminder that the only reason this adrenochrome demon has a career in politics is because a former cop named Dan White murdered her political opponent

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CALIFORNIA. US Sen Dianne Feinstein (D) has filed FEC paperwork to seek reelection in 2024 to a six year term ... when she will be 91 years old. docquery.fec.gov/pdf/729/20210

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It's official: Taylor Guitars is now 100% employee owned! Co-founders Bob Taylor and Kurt Listug, along with master builder and ownership partner Andy Powers, announced the ownership transition to employees on January 11. tylrgt.rs/38zN6mU

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Conservatives Accuse Nature Of Silencing Right-Wing Voices After Sheldon Adelson Dies At 87 bit.ly/3skDcNF

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Conservatives Accuse Nature Of Silencing Right-Wing Voices After Sheldon Adelson Dies At 87 bit.ly/3skDcNF

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I just quit working for Xfinity/Comcast. I want families to know that the special Essentials program they offer to low income households for 9.95/mo is only 25mbps and in almost every case, not an adequate speed for children to do their live “zoom” online class work.

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So, is Joe Biden going to be the third President in a row to completely ignore Flint's complete lack of drinking water?

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Pretending to be cancelled for clout

Bari Weiss isn’t important enough to actually be cancelled

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I started a newsletter @SubstackInc@twitter.com. First column is up, with shout outs to @mtaibbi@twitter.com, @ggreenwald@twitter.com, @sullydish@twitter.com, @DavidSacks@twitter.com, @NellieBowles@twitter.com, @McCormickProf@twitter.com: bariweiss.substack.com/p/the-g

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One of the odder side effects of neoliberalism is the way people mistake state capacity for socialism. Like if 60's New York existed today "leftists" would call it socialist because it could distribute vaccines

Moreover, ICE must be destroyed

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Never forget that Mike fucking Bloomberg ran for president as a Democract and they accepted him with open arms.

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