We could have a Revolution with cults and guns. Or we could build houses and plant gardens. I know these hands can feed a community. I just hope we have enough onions for the guacamole.

Sometimes I fear that Anarchism is too sexy for the general populace...

i don't care about protecting property. i don't care about your weird fucking death god.

Dashlane keeps trying to put my address in when I post and I am at risk of doxxing myself

It's crazy that people used to do human sacrifices to bring forth
a bountiful harvest or summon demons and stuff, now were doing it with even more people but for stonks

The choice to respect for-profit property and to not expropriate capital at a time like this is a blood sacrifice to capitalism.

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🔴 Contre l’épidémie, droit de retrait général !

Communiqué important de l'UCL, @UnionCoLib@twitter.com : unioncommunistelibertaire.org/

« Des Chantiers de l’Atlantique à Saint-Nazaire, à General Electric Bourogne en passant par La Poste, l’automobile, la métallurgie ou l'agro-alimentaire, ⤵️

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Corinavirus/Covid19 at home 

"#140 Political Hack And Slash 21 with Dominique Remy"

@EclecticRadical & I spoke with
@canaryfilmmaker about her documentary "Canary", about high maternal mortality rates in the US, particularly among WOC, COVID-19, & the Primaries.

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If you live in Washington, you NEED to vote for Bernie! HERE'S WHY⬇️

In WA, you need 15% or more to get delegates. Delegates are ONLY given to the candidates above 15%.

Every candidate but Bernie is polling at or below 15%.

Bernie can get 100% of WA if we turn out for him!

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Wait, so you’re telling me that the cia is a...a bad thing?!

If anyone’s in or around Atlanta and wants to see a movie about a really cool guy, see American Socialist at the Conefest Film Theater tomorrow at 8pm.

3,752,881 accounts
+81 in the last hour
+1,706 in the last day
+12,737 in the last week

Let me get this straight once and for all, it’s ‘little a’ NOT ‘a little’ you uncultured swine

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