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70% of the country wants medicare for all yet 0 GOP politicians & not even half of dem politicians in DC will fight for it. Never seen better evidence that the government is there to represent their donors, billionaires & corporations. Imagine pretending this system is credible?

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@elivalley@twitter.com @NoraReed@twitter.com If Joe Biden wins, it will be very fun to watch Mayor Pete whine like a confused school boy when people are still protesting in the streets

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It makes my skin crawl that libs are okay with actively trying to make it taboo to criticize politicians. If my valid criticism alone has the power to destroy our "democracy," clearly we should be on the streets fighting for it. Lack of criticism led to our current bullshit.

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I wish I could do something as cool as when post 10 stopped a sinkhole from forming or draining floodwaters from roads as a hobby.


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A lot of people describe our press as “free & open” because it is not owned by the state. They ignore that it is owned by six multinational conglomerates whose shareholders have a unified set of class interests that get reflected in nearly 100 percent of media coverage every day.

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Whatever his record as President, ballot stuffing is wrong.
so this take on Bolivia by the Labour leader is truly startling. The Organisation of American States found a "heap of observed irregularities" in the October 20 election and said a new vote should be held. twitter.com/jeremycorbyn/statu

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Looks like the good guys won in Bolivia. Suck it, @elonmusk@twitter.com!

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My dog "Shasta" has developed a tumor the size of an Orange on her back left leg. The vet said I can either put her to sleep before it bursts, or they could try removing it for $2000.00

I would hate myself forever if I didnt try to save her, please help


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Under no pretext should arms and ammunition be surrendered; any attempt to disarm the workers must be frustrated, by force if necessary

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Yesterday, Amy Coney Barrett told lawmakers she doesn’t have “firm views” on climate change. For decades, her father was a lawyer at Shell Oil, which now has a major climate case in front of the Supreme Court. jacobinmag.com/2020/10/amy-con

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I haven't yet done any boost threads because I've been incredibly slammed with school & stuff. But I wanna pay back all those who boosted me and show them so love, so here goes.❤️


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