After working full time for 5 months I've learned that basically all the limited time we have on Earth is being spent doing stuff that we hate doing but have to or else we don't get to eat. I work 10 hours a day if I'm lucky (no overtime $), 1.5 cooking/eating, 1.5 in transit. Assuming 8 hours of sleep, that leaves 3 hours a day for myself. 12.5% of my time is my own time. I have to give up the rest to my filthy rich boss in exchange for an infinitesimal portion of the profit I generated.


And now realize that most people have it worse than I do. They work longer hours, get paid less, eat worse food to save whatever money and time they can, get less sleep, spend longer getting to work, and probably have even less free time to themselves than me. I'm living the good life compared to retail workers, or sweatshop laborers, or prison slaves. But this is what capitalism does. It forces you to sacrifice absolutely everything to it. You don't even get the fruit of your own labor

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