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"...we must not forget about our relatives fighting Line 3, the Dakota Access Pipeline and other fossil fuel projects poisoning our communities and fueling the climate emergency."

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herbal birth control megathread: intro 

in light of the shittery that has taken place i thought it might be useful to share some alternatives to medical abortion. please keep in mind that herbal remedies are a supplement to licensed medical care, and in the absence of doctor supervision please be extremely careful and take steps at your own risk!!!

here is a list of plant based ways to end or prevent pregnancy (extremely gendered language):

i'll unpack more in the thread

herbal birth control megathread: queen anne's lace (1/2) 

queen anne's lace is one of my favorite birth control plants both due to its accessibility and it's fun lore.

queen anne's lace is a common lawn "weed" that you have probably seen before! it does have one poisonous lookalike (poison hemlock, which has red dots on the stem but doesn't have the iconic red flower in the bunch that QAL has!) and several non-poisonous ones such as parsley, dill, fennel, and carrots.

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TERFs, rape 

Lots of folk think TERFs are just anti-trans.

No, they're anti-consent, anti-sex, anti-reproduction, anti-biology, and above all, anti-social.

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The Acacia Strain - Black Hole Sun (Soundgarden cover) from The Depression Sessions AAND WAAASH AWAAAY THE RAAINN

Yesterday, our mail-order space was destroyed in a catastrophic fire in downtown Olympia, Washington. Thousands of our books, posters, and stickers were entirely consumed along with computers and equipment.

Read our full announcement and how to help:

This represents a tremendous setback to us. To resume operations, we will need to replace the books, posters, stickers, computers, printers, packing materials, furniture, and many other things, and to secure a new space.

It's especially rough that this occurs when we are on the cusp of completing a Kickstarter campaign to reprint two of our books. Fortunately, those books are still in the printing queue at the factory, so they will go out as promised.

We are determined to get back on our feet, but we're going to need help. Thank you so much to everyone who has helped us make it this far. If we can get through this, we promise to keep doing this work for decades to come.

It's cause I just put this on github and github gives me the minor willies. And I know there's a cooler thing.

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Does anyone know what's that idk ~vaguely punkrock~ code hosting site? I saw it a while back and I thought it was cool and now it isn't in my bookmarks. It's not directed toward fuckin silicon valley startup techbro people, I remember that -- and it isn't owned by goddamn microsoft. I also can't seem to find it on most of the "top 10 alternatives to github" listicles.

Apple has been pissing me off less with it's ports and it's self-repair toolkits and it's packaging. Idk mabye I need to rage out at some good old fashioned anti mac propaganda soon and get my perspective back.

Anarchism, to me, means not only the denial of authority, not only a new economy, but a revision of the principles of morality. It means the development of the individual as well as the assertion of the individual. It means self-responsibility, and not leader worship.
-- Voltairine de Cleyre

#anarchism #quote #bot

Hot take: using imagery and phrases from fascist memes/dogwhistles in non-fascist memes is a form of spreading and normalizing fascist propaganda.

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And also, Manjaro Cinnamon's decision to make Vivaldi is in my opinion is among the worst ones.

Like it or not, but a browser has already become the centre of computing experience for the vast majority of tasks and vast majority of people. So, using a proprietary browser is almost as bad as using a proprietary operating system.

And of course, people should have the option to use some proprietary pieces of software shall they need or desire that.

But the default, should always* be free and open-source.

* wherever humanly possible. Exceptions may include some real-word limitations like firmware or drivers (Hey, Nvidia. Fuck you.)

@elementary @gnome

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from burn the bread book 

If it means they get to keep consuming, anarcho-consumers would happily define everything from pesticides to slaughterhouses to automobile plants as “needed”. This is the power of democracy. Whatever narrative the collective adopts becomes the official, approved narrative and anyone questioning it will be seen as subversive and dangerous and a threat to order and common decency.

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from burn the bread book 

Ancoms insist “people would choose to produce only what is needed” in an anarcho-communist society. That word; "needed" is really useless. Anyone can define anything as being "needed", but almost none of the things defined as such are actually needed. This is why industrial communism isn't really compatible with anarchy: anything and everything will be defined as "needed" by domesticated people, no matter how authority-forming the things are.

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from burn the bread book 

Red anarchists throw every insult in the book at me when I voice my doubts about their wistful ideologies; condemning me for being critical of the amazing breadman Kropotkin or their “green industry” tsar Professor Bookchin... It’s hard to give my perspective as an indigenous anarchist to these people who are so hostile to any worldview that doesn’t validate their luxurious industrial lifestyle ...

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my take on burn the bread book 

I'm hesitant to imagine that ancoms at large don't intend to abolish anything to do with producing non-sustainable consumer goods. I'm referencing: "I keep saying this in my writing but here I go again: In an industrial society that aims to give everyone in the world equal access to consumer goods, industry does not decrease; it increases."

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