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~keithmail #500:

when are you going to RIIR this site

Never. I like using PHP to make Web sites and applications; it's a language designed for that sort of thing, and I think it actually does the job pretty well. More importantly, I enjoy working with PHP, and building this Web site with it. If I switched to Rust, I wouldn't have fun programming, and that wouldn't do anybody any good at all, now would it?

You know what'd be funny? A Fediverse server plugin that detects instances with the BlockNotificationPolicy MRF and intentionally spams Block activities originating from accounts that don't actually exist, thus making the bot useless.

Also, why has nobody bothered to create an updated blocking method that relies on Bloom filters? It'd at least make it non-trivial for block information to be determined.

>Which modern civ game is better, 5 or 6? If you answer "i haven't played either" I will cry irl

Better get the tissue paper, then. I haven't played any of the Civilization games, although they do look fun. I wonder if the system requirements are low enough to let me stream it...

Internally, Facebook's product managers are very frank that they deliberately design their products to have the highest possible switching costs:

Here's how their thinking goes: if leaving Facebook is easy, then we have to treat our users well or they'll go somewhere else. But if leaving Facebook is *painful*, then they'll stick around, even if we abuse them. The higher the switching costs are, the worse we can treat our users without risking their departure.


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Facebook users claim to hate the service, but they keep using it, leading many to describe Facebook as "addictive." But there's a simpler explanation: people keep using Facebook though they hate it because they don't want to lose their connections to the *people* they love.


Instead, the "hostage-taking" explanation rests on a visible, easily verified fact: if you leave Facebook, the service won't let you send messages to the people who stay behind.

Economists have a name for this: "switching costs," this being everything you have to give up when you switch from one service to another.


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>Would you suck off Doomguy (From Doom)
Uh, *YEAH!!!* 😍 Of course I would, what kind of mutt do you take me for?

i think completely destroying the economy to honor a dead monarch is really funny actually

@kayden it’s where instead of making your site accessible, you pay a company a ton of money for them to put a js file on your website to “enable” an “accessibility mode” that actually makes your site a living nightmare to use with assistive technologies.

It’s so bad that disabled users want ways to block them. And these companies claim that accessibility audits and re-writing frontends to be accessible “doesn’t scale” so we need a way to “automate” accessibility.

imagine if this was how we approached software security. just bolt a dependency onto your insecure software to instantly give it a “secure mode”. oh wait.

help a black trans lesbian couple who need help staying afloat after their car was stolen:

cash/venmo: imnotbijou

(only $880/10k has been raised)

for anyone wondering what my display name is, it's "~keith: homosexual anarchist dog action!!" in japanese

Ok, need to know of free or low cost resources for learning IT security at a self paced speed.

This is more about practicals than about certs.

Let the firehose commence.. um, i mean- Feel free to boost.

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