Wolf is UV-mapped... now I need to figure out how to make proper textures (at which point I'll probably have to redo the unwrapping). Let's keep pretending that I have some semblance of an idea as to what I'm doing.

Anthro wolf model tail, version 2. It's a separate object now, so the ass normal issues are gone. (God forbid my wolf ass have janky shading!)

Now I just need to model the front paws, then figure out how to rig & texture this bitch.

The model has a tail now, but it's making his ass normals kind of janky, so I think I'll redo it as a separate mesh later. Either way, here you go.

spot the difference (I am trying to re-model a 3D model of an anthro wolf into a low-poly PSX style, and it is... not going well)

Linux desktop screenshots, may contain knot 

Ballpoint my beloved <333

Now I just need to figure out how to make my own Qt theme (no, I will not use Kvantum). And I might make a few tweaks - currently I'm using cyan as the "neutral" colour, but it essentially gets treated as the "warning" colour by everything else so it doesn't really make much sense.

>cuts down several trees by walking through them
>starts walking in the air
>breaks my fence
>refuses to elaborate

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