I was bored and I remembered how bullshit 90% of "open-source" Codes of Conduct are

So I attempted to create a better one:

Anyways yeah y'all can use this if you want, or suggest things I've missed

@xeras @keith that is unfortunate

May want to change the link as it could be read as endorsement

@keith Are there projects that already use something similar? :blobfoxcomputerowo:

@vyivel not that I've seen, pretty much everyone these days is trying to present themselves as Microsoft But FOSS and inherits the inherent problems with that sort of environment

> must create an environment which is safe and equitable
> Safety and equity will be prioritized over comfort whenever it is necessary to do so.

Sufficeth what they in their graue wiſedoomes ſhall proſcribe, I in no ſorte will ſeeke to acquite, nor preſumptuouſly attempte to diſpute againſt the equity of their iudgementes, but humble and proſtrate appeale to their mercies. (Th. Nashe, Nashes Lenten, 1599)

@keith thx for the template, I like it. Having had a few discussions regarding pros and cons of different CoCs a while back, I'd be curious to learn about ur critiques.Did u ever write anything down?

@keith love this. A lot of CoCs are so long and legalistic now that people will barely ever read them.

Would you mind (dual) licensing the text under CC-BY? AGPL is not a good license for text and I might want to borrow a few phrases for our CoC which is CC-BY.

@russss Oh, yeah, the LICENSE file is just there so I can easily make new AGPL-licensed repositories. It's not meant to apply to the template itself. I'll make that explicit.

@keith lol, you changed the “elsewhere” link to a trash bin

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