which circle a?

:anarchy: vs :anarchopunk:

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@mart0 the sans serif circle A gives off "person in a business suit" vibes idk how else to describe it

@mart0 like it's Too clean, where did all the anger and distaste for the oppressive structures of our current society go? not into the logo that's for sure

@keith @mart0 clean circle is all of those things, but trying not to stand out.

Clean circle A is the direct activist who puts on a beanie, high viz vest and carries a clipboard when they take a grinder to the anti-homeless spikes.

Clean circle A gets shit done, and doesn't get caught

@keith @mart0 overdrawn circle A is important too! Overdrawn circle A is the authentic, passionate, rageful side. Focused on inspiring and activating others.

Both are valuable


@rgegriff @mart0 This was never intended as a judgement of the people who prefer either logo, just my personal taste and thoughts on the logo design. And yeah, both sides are definitely valuable.

@keith @mart0 for sure! Didn't mean it to come across that way if it did. I was just jumping in on the idea of personifying the logos.

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