Hey everyone, sorry to ask this again, but my living situation has gotten more abusive & dangerous recently, so I'd appreciate it if y'all could give a poor nonbinary transfem punk some financial aid:

See this thread for more information.

For safety reasons, I can only accept Monero. If you don't have Monero, you can still donate: either buy XMR directly at an exchange (, or, if it's easier to get your hands on BTC/ETH, you can use to convert it to XMR.

Monero address:


(And no, I can't get PayPal or anything like that. I've tried, they wouldn't let me withdraw the money.)

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I've still received nothing since I posted this. I'd appreciate if someone could donate *something* because I Do Not Have A Job At The Moment

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Still kinda need money and have gotten nothing so far, I'd appreciate it if people could send something...

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