I honestly don't really care how "unreliable" you think shared libraries are, using entirely static linking is how we get gigantic 500MB monoliths that waste disk space and RAM, don't integrate with the rest of the system properly due to mismatched library versions, and also don't get security patches from the system unless you manually update the binary itself.

Static linking may be "easier", but as programmers, it's our job to use the *right* solution, not just the easiest one.

@makeworld yeah but I don't think anyone has statically linked OpenSSL or the like into highly popular programs yet. if that was the case we'd be fucked

@makeworld also shit like Qt, if you use your own version instead of the system's it doesn't integrate with the rest of the system for e.g. themes

@keith good points, but it feels like those are more the exception than the rule. Having to package all my dependencies for many Linux distros to distribute my Go applications would be a nightmare.


@makeworld That's what distro maintainers and package managers are for. Use those. Don't reinvent the wheel.

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