can I @ the linux instances, could someone adjacent to them boost this, I'm a software engineer with d cups and i don't know how to build a computer, if only there were a strong, capable individual with extremist views on open source software who could help me out of this predicament..... But alas.... No such thing exists.... Not on this federated social media network.... I'll simply have to go to walmart and purchase a HP Slim Desktop Tower Celeron 4GB/1TB Desktop Tower.....

@wgahnagl hello i have $3 and make absolutely horrible part picking decisions, how can i help you

@keith how do u pick parts badly i dont even know how to pick parts i just got here pls help me


@wgahnagl Accidentally picked a motherboard whose BIOS won't let me disable Intel vPro (the Management Engine remote memory access shit). I'm *hoping* it's because it just doesn't support it

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