Begpost, boosts appreciated 

So, I still need money to get my legal name changed and fix my laptop (which is a fire hazard) before next school year. I think I need at least $350, and I currently have around $180. I'd really appreciate the help.

I can't sign up for PayPal, so the only way I can receive money is via Monero:


Thanks :-)

Begpost, boosts appreciated 

If you don't have Monero, I think you can just use one of those "buy crypto online" websites and put my monero address in

also yeah yeah "crypto bad" but i don't actually have another option, all the non-crypto money sending apps require me to be 18+, and I'd have to reveal my deadname to everyone

my parents ***might*** pay for part of the laptop repair eventually, but they won't pay for the legal name change or the other stuff I need to do as a trans person

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Begpost, boosts appreciated 

there's more info on my website, including some places you can go to send me money if you don't have Monero:

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