thread, my take on "copyright" 

"copyright" is bullshit and needs to be abolished. it doesn't protect creativity, it's a weapon of class warfare serving only the rich.

first of all, say you're poor and you get sued for "copyright infringement". the legal fees ALONE will put you in crippling debt. lawyers are expensive, and it's very unlikely you'll win against e.g. Disney, who can afford WAY better lawyers than you.


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conversely, if a rich person or large corporation steals your work? you probably can't even afford to file the lawsuit. even if you did, again, they have better lawyers and would almost definitely find something to counter-sue you for, like defamation for example.


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DMCA strikes are way worse. there's no legal fees for the claimant, and they don't even have to prove that your content is "infringing".

Companies can, and DO, abuse the HELL out of this system. and there are NO reprocussions for making a fraudulent claim!!!!


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Nintendo, for example, routinely DMCAs YouTube videos showing how to repair their consoles. They've also copystriked gaming channels for criticizing their business practices, because there was footage of a Nintendo game somewhere in the video.


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This isnt even limited to YouTube - DMCA law allows this! Technically, both of those cases *do* constitute "copyright infringement", so even though Nintendo is BLATANTLY abusing "copyright" to silence creators, their claims are technically valid!!!!


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(which brings me to a tangent: free speech IS actually good, it's just that when neo-nazis say it they mean "why can't I say slurs :(", not "the government shouldn't be able to throw you in jail for saying they made a bad decision". anyways back to the topic)


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Also: ever heard of DRM? it's framed as a way of "protecting" "copyright". what it ACTUALLY does is enforce an oligarchy in the tech industry.

which is VERY bad.


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basically, DRM is software that prevents you from playing the music/movies/games/etc. that you purchase, unless the media player app, operating system, computer/phone, and even the DISPLAY you use are all authorized by the DRM vendor.


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What that means is, anyone making those things HAS TO get permission from the DRM vendor to license the code and hardware that allows DRM-ed content to work. This effectively gives DRM companies full control over the tech market.


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You used to be able to get around this by "reverse engineering". Take a working DRM-compatible system apart, guess how it works, and design your own version that produces the same results.

DMCA's "anti-circumvention" laws make that illegal now.


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you read that right. endangering a company's business model, thus forcing them to innovate and deliver a better product (y'know, the ENTIRE foundation upon which capitalism allegedly makes sense), is now a felony. great job guys. really outdid yourselves with that one.


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anti-circumvention law also breaks your fair use rights, since you have to bypass the DRM to get them, and is WAY too broad with what it defines as a "protection mechanism". like, there was a court ruling that "DISABLE ADBLOCK" POPUPS counted as protection mechanisms.


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oh yeah, and if you make tools that MIGHT be used to bypass DRM, even if that's not their intended purpose? that's illegal too! wonderful! now virtually EVERY software developer is a criminal! great thinking america!!!


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no seriously. by the ACTUAL logic DMCA law uses, the web browser you use can be considered a piracy tool because Developer Tools lets you delete adblock popups.

if that sounds extremely fucking stupid to you, that's because it is.


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its not just stupid, it's dangerous.

writing code should not be a crime. curiosity should not be a crime. giving you control over the devices YOU OWN should not be a crime.


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so yeah, fuck DMCA, fuck copyright, fuck Disney, and fuck America. if showing any resistance to capitalism ruining the internet makes me a criminal, so be it.

fuck shit up, kids. be the anarcho-communist hacker you want to see in the world, and remember: piracy is praxis.


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@keith Yeah, copyright and other IP rights are idea-landlordism

@keith reminds me of a line from a post from,

"no nutrients in the topsoil of our collective imagination, all things of beauty are owned by the rich"

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