There is a RAT going around disguised as a sex tape of Trump. It's a variant of QRAT. It's not very sophisticated in it's delivery or anything, the file is apparently called "TRUMP_SEX_SCANDAL_VIDEO.jar" and it's delivered by email.

Can't tell if I'm laughing or crying.

@polarisfm I mean I do have it but only for Minecraft modding and compsci class

and at least it pops up the "hey no you can't run this file you have to chmod +x it first" warning

why the hell isn't that a thing on java for Windows

@keith Wndows just saves stuff as executable my default from what I remember. Then it relies on whatever grabage dictonary-based anti-virus to tell if the program is malicious or not. It's been years though, maybe something has changed.

@polarisfm yeah I don't even think NTFS has an executable bit

but like, java could just store a list of hashes of all JARs your computer's encountered? and then if it's not in that display a warning

@keith Oracle is not a tech company, it's a litigation company. Don't ask them to do work anymore.

@polarisfm ahhhhh right, just like apple

society would be way better if sun microsystems still existed tbh

@polarisfm they'd probably be shit nowadays but at least sparcstations are cool

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