@keith i'm gonna put this not having boosts or nothin' down to the timing. because this is just the kind of shitpost we need 'round here

@purple yeah, thanks! I'll re-boost it later when people are more active I guess

@keith yeah give it like. 3 hours. also around 4PM (-0400UTC) is a pretty bitchin' time

@keith on the one hand this is immensely funny but on the other i do wonder whether it puts future folk at risk of dismissing the actual warning

@snailerotica well i mean, if the message isn't enough there are also giant spikes and shit coming out of the ground so idk

@keith the giant spikes were dismissed as a possibility iirc, sadly

i think it was because they would wear down too soon

@snailerotica yeah, and even if they were, far-future generations might be all like "but some of them wore spikes on their clothes???"

yeah future humans are fucked lmao

i guess they're going to have to understand that the nuclear waste warning message is serious but also some of us turned it into a funny meme?

@keith I love it tbh, but it doesnt fit in with the aesthetics of my decor with these colors

@keith to be clear, if it was in blue/yellow/gray or black/white/gold I would absolutely want to put this up in ny house lol

@ItsJenNotGabby I mean, I can send you a copy of the Canva file and you can edit it if you want

@ItsJenNotGabby or at least the aesthetic I'm PLANNING on having once quarantine ends lmao

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