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the vibes of this song... wonderful
(you are morally obligated to hit play on this before scrolling through my profile)

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I say "minors are people too" into the microphone. The crowd boos. I am dragged offstage and forcibly ejected from the Tumblr premises, where a mob of angry 30-year-olds chases me with murderous intent.

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yes im a GAMER:
G - queer
A - as
M - fuck
E - someone please kiss me
R - :(

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Does anyone know of any good resources to help Indigenous people in Canada during the COVID crisis? I'm currently looking for some on my own, and will add them here when I find them, but if you know of any please share them!

"Persistent location monitoring of schoolchildren risks becoming yet another facet of the school-to-prison pipeline... providing law enforcement with unprecedented tracking capabilities for monitoring children of color."

Anybody has good books or other media rec with main characters with disabilities? Like chronic illness or using mobility aid? 👀 [RT pls]

Standing in line to vote in a conservative hell 

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Use Matrix, use XMPP, use DeltaChat.

You should own your communication, not some company.

Also don't use Discord, it's hot garbage. They have a strangehold on so much communication, it's only a matter of time before they sell all that data. They're just playing the long game until they've reached critical mass.

Discord is Skype is WhatsApp is Facebook is MSN is AIM

You can't pour from an empty glass, no matter how much someone else:

- thinks you should
- blames you for being empty
- tries to convince you that you shouldn't be as empty as you are
- calls you selfish for taking the time you need to refill the glass
- uses your words and actions when you're empty against you
- barely listens to your attempts to explain what got you empty to stand on their own pulpit and deliver a sermon about something unrelated

Don't be the "someone else" in this post.

This kid next door was just unironically jamming to “never gonna give you up” and it reminded me how much of a banger that song is actually

Being made fun of by old school punk anarchists for reading about anarchism in books feels weird...


The Metropolitan Police has decided not to routinely release bodycam video footage after internal reviews showed officers displaying "poor communication, a lack of patience, a lack of de-escalation before use of force is introduced"


mkwii, petscop 

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