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Begpost, boosts appreciated 

So, I still need money to get my legal name changed and fix my laptop (which is a fire hazard) before next school year. I think I need at least $350, and I currently have around $180. I'd really appreciate the help.

I can't sign up for PayPal, so the only way I can receive money is via Monero:


Thanks :-)

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Keith PSA:

I'm not the best with CWs so PLEASE let me know if I've forgotten to add a CW to something, I promise it's not too much trouble

also, tell me if I've done something wrong, even if a neurotypical person would already know, because 90% of the time I have No Clue if you're upset with me or why. I'm *horrible* with social cues tbh

and also, in case it's not crystal clear: homophobia, transphobia, sexism, ageism, racism, antisemitism, and any other form of bigotry is NOT tolerated here.

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wait are people actually tankies on here i thought it was a meme

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my only goals in life are to:
- be gay
- overthrow the government
- kiss all the boys

Pro tip: Pin the gender you use most often to your taskbar or application menu

a lot of people put "autistic person overexplains something" in the same bucket as mansplaining because they don't really care to differentiate and it's amazingly efficient at being both ableist and triple shitty to autistic trans women

Nazi, but a dead one 

Shout-out to Covid for smothering out the guitarist for Nazi band Skrewdriver, who called it a Jewish plot. He was also a music producer for the Nazi music industry

anti-nativeness, assimilation 

@schrodingers_cat the horridness of the US distracts us but they were really terrible as well. they thoroughly russified central asia and the caucasus, and the imperialism still goes on (ukraine, kazakistan, )

they have movies that resemble USian white savior and "kill the Indian to save the Man" type of shit too. I'd be watching a lot of these if I knew russian, they are very unfiltered mediums of ideology.

@ljwrites as a kid I subscribed to National Geographic for years, and while a lot about it is problematic, I learned a lot from the magazine's style & take inspiration from the captions. They always give context for the image and tie it in to the article's overall narrative.

E.g., just taking one from their site at random, not "a big fish with a bunch of tiny fish in its mouth", but

> Baby _Haplotaxodon microlepis_ scramble for safety in their mother’s mouth. Like many cichlid species, they’re mouth brooders: Both parents carry babies orally and let them out to feed, recalling them at the first hint of danger, until the young strike out on their own or become too big to fit.

(From a piece about the interesting behaviour of cichlids:

Another type of caption I think of is art museum ones. They don't just describe the art but say something about its meaning and relevance. Like not "A bunch of blue spatters" but "Made by flinging a bucket of acrylic paint around, Painting #5 (Year) draws the eye across the canvas in dramatic leaps. 'I want people to feel like they're flying,' Artist wrote in a Year letter."

gay flirting (showing them your latest Common Lisp project)

to the tune of one winged angel: he has no dtyle has no grace
this kong has a funny face

If you still remember physical textbooks, can you imagine being forced to pay a company a monthly fee to bring your textbook home on the weekend?

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ancient greeks: we see because our eyes shoot out light beams
modern science: lmao no
computer scientists: but what if

Guard 1: Halt traveler! You must answer our riddle!
Guard 2: Here we go again...
Guard 1: One of us only tells the truth, and the other only tells LIES!
Guard 2: Jesus christ, I said I was sorry!

I just updated my Wii Shop Channel Music browser extension, which plays the Wii Shop Channel theme in the background when you visit a shopping website. It now has more music options, a playback toggle, and better site detection!

Blog post:

What a weekend! Ended up #1 on HackerNews, a dozen sub-reddits and GitHub Trending.

So exhausted, but also so proud of everything we do at @charm!

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