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Keith PSA:

I'm not the best with CWs so PLEASE let me know if I've forgotten to add a CW to something, I promise it's not too much trouble

also, tell me if I've done something wrong, even if a neurotypical person would already know, because 90% of the time I have No Clue if you're upset with me or why. I'm *horrible* with social cues tbh

and also, in case it's not crystal clear: homophobia, transphobia, sexism, ageism, racism, antisemitism, and any other form of bigotry is NOT tolerated here.

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my only goals in life are to:
- be gay
- overthrow the government
- kiss all the boys

Creators, more than anyone, need to speak out against this false ‘us vs. them' narrative. It's a disingenuous ploy, like when Facebook said cross-app tracking was ‘good for small businesses’.

I encourage anyone to adblock my stuff, and I know I'm not alone in that. Every creator has a part to play in promoting better security practices and fairer business models.

I made this image to put into the credits of future videos. I release it into the public domain; feel free to use it in your own.

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I'm so tired of the discourse on #adblocking being framed as users vs. creators.

Creators suffer from rampant unregulated advertising attached to their hard work. Seeing their labours being exploited to promote scams and enrich surveillance capitalists with no control or recourse. Seeing potential subscribers close the tab because their impression of the channel in those crucial first few seconds was some obnoxious ad.

You think makers *want* this system? Hell no. We just want an income.


LAPD Is Using Israeli Surveillance Software That Can Track Your Phone and Social Media
The software, built by Cobwebs Technologies, uses AI to track, surveil, and create profiles of people based on online and phone data.

Free drivers exist to hold hardware vendors accountable for firmware bugs. #TIL Some AMD systems had a nasty Resizable BAR bug, if your GPU VRAM is mapped to a bad location in the address space, writes would be very slow, the only symptom regular users could see is random stutters in games. I'm surprised that they managed to successfully escalate the issue to Gigabyte's engineering department via customer support...

nobody tell the feds but you can make me extremely obedient by putting me on a leash

I fluctuate between "extremely rowdy hellhound who WILL destroy your government" and "dumb puppy who needs to be leashed and owned" at a frequency so high it makes the entire semiconductor industry jealous

IHDVGA (Inconveniently High Density VGA) extension lead.

IHDVGA was abandoned early on as keeping pins straight turned out more difficult than expected.

Most manufacturers still turned a profit by selling the leads without shells as convenient groundable wire brushes.

Rant about Discord eating the open internet 

I hate this trend of everything needing to be on fucking #Discord

Fuck your little private treehouse club that’s badly managed and barren because you learned the hard way community management is a full-time job too much to handle for a single person

Use better, open tools ffs


@norikawa still amazing to me that IPv4 addresses are still necessary to reach a large chunk of people (especially in the US), and that IPv4 addresses cost money. “This thing that’s worse than IPv6 also costs money because we’re basically out of addresses.”

The most bizarre kind of rent-seeking.

For a long time I was curious why the RDP protocol (as in Windows Remote Desktop) is so full of concepts that you'd expect to find in an oldschool teleconferencing protocol (stuff like MCU, ITU-T T.128, etc).

Turns out it's because Remote Desktop functionality WAS ORIGINALLY PART OF NETMEETING, the teleconferencing app that came with Windows 98

Firefox is officially and directly fucking with Google and I am here for it!

Combining No Nut November and NaNoWriMo to make No Novel November, where I don’t write a novel for the whole month. I’m doing great so far!

Aren’t you tired of being nice? Don’t you just wanna go ape shit?

I haven’t doodled my old character in ages but I’m thinking of reviving her.. the original gremlin monster!
#Art #FurryArt #mastoArt #FediArt

Man, wtf, Plug Man isn't weak to Splash Woman's laser trident?




Missed opportunity, Mega Man 9.


Just learned what the user interfaces in the SpaceX capsules run.

The capsules that provide life support for people traveling into space and have to be absolutely reliable.

The user interface that controls an explosion.




It runs some home-compiled version of Chromium and the UI is written in JavaScript.

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