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Hey new users! 

Welcome to the Fediverse. It's good to have you here!

But, please do remember that you aren't the first ones here. This space existed before you, and we have an existing community & culture. Please respect that.

Fedi isn't a place for Influencers, Brands, or Screaming Matches. It's a place for real social interaction. Fedi is fun, friendly, and *weird*! And it's the home of many queer folks who don't have an accepting community elsewhere.

Please don't destroy what we've built.

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Keith PSA:

I'm not the best with CWs so PLEASE let me know if I've forgotten to add a CW to something, I promise it's not too much trouble

also, tell me if I've done something wrong, even if a neurotypical person would already know, because 90% of the time I have No Clue if you're upset with me or why. I'm *horrible* with social cues tbh

and also, in case it's not crystal clear: homophobia, transphobia, sexism, ageism, racism, antisemitism, and any other form of bigotry is NOT tolerated here.

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Been converting Tuxedo Bun to desktop-mode (for a very special stream tomorrow!) and just... gosh y'all. I love this look, and I'm so glad to have it back and all freshly updated 🌹💕

PSA: Using `auth sufficient` is NOT 2FA!!! It is 1FA with TWO FAILURE POINTS!!! use `auth required`!!!!!!

From the heyday of L-displays, Ehman's one-and-a-bit page display and near-full-page display (often erroneously called the almost-full-page display, but that was the name of the more popular Radius product)

After some time I’ve found a way to upcycle Chromebooks to run the latest version of Ubuntu and boot to an external USB drive while maintaining the ChromeOS. The WiFi chips in these models also can create their own wifi networks so they can be short range routers.
What does this actually mean? Instead of requiring new hardware like a raspberry pi, we can take old Chromebooks that schools get rid of in the thousands and actually reuse them to create portable micro servers. Pack them full of offline books, maps, wikis, etc.
There is a major upside compared to using an old Chromebook over a raspberry pi, mainly that it's actually cheaper and can be free depending on how you source your chromebooks. I got 10 at $30 each which is cheaper than a pi or a pi alternative.

The battery life is also insane. I used it for close to 12 hours and it didn't even hit 50% battery loss. They also take very little time to charge so I'm interested to see how much power they might take up while attached to the off grid solar array.

So the plan is to make the docs and work some more on making these into portable offgrid information stations and packing them with info.
#solarpunk #permacomputing

this one's old but I only stumbled on it now, and it's fantastic.

Gōngchén bùbì zài wǒ
Success not-need be I
="The results [that the Party achieved] will continue after I'm gone."

This is a direct quote from Xí Jìnpíng, paraphrasing Hú Shì. The fun part is that posters and signs are commonly read right-to-left, and if you do that, you'll get:

Wǒ zài bì bù chénggōng
I am, certain not success
="As long as I'm here, failure is guaranteed."

(details: )

FUCK I just accidentally bought Britcoin and now there's a customs delay

While the #CryptoWars continue, we would like to remind everyone of two very convincing facts for the pro #encryption side:

✅ 1. Encryption can't be outlawed

✅ 2. Backdoors for the good guys only are impossible

Read our position on the ongoing crypto wars:

#CSAM #OnlineSafetyBill #BackDoor


>I hear you are a fan of anthro canines, big dicks, and anthro canines with humongous dicks
>anyways someone posted this and I thought of you <3

I /am/ a fan of anthro canines, big dicks, and anthro canines with humongous dicks! Thanks for the post; /God/ I need to press my muzzle into that sweaty bulge of his... 😍

(Also, sorry for mangling your message, I still don't have any rich text support in my anonmail system.)


>oh yeah new 100 gecs album check it out

What is a gec, and why do they have a hundred of them? That seems like an unreasonable amount of gecs to me. Stop hoarding all the gecs!


(Re: #531)
>Wait, what's Wildebeest? (Same user from before just cookie expired)

Ah, Wildebeest is Cloudflare's fork of Mastodon, which is designed to exclusively run on their cloud "services".

Today in "I didn't know other (highly educated and computer-savvy) people don't know this": Algorithm-based, "targeted" advertisement uses huge amounts of computational power and thus a lot of energy.

(I learned this when I worked in SEO, a dead end in my carreer that I left behind nearly 10 years ago.)

polyamory is just applied graph theory

Shout-out to MLT framework devs who've been doing amazing work lately improving GPU support, 10 bit color, de-interlacing and more. 💙

This is why Meta should never be trusted.

Not only have European regulators found their tracking to be downright illegal, but they also blatantly lie about it too.

Further, if it's not already obvious to you, Meta sends its tracking data to the NSA.

If Meta does any of these shenanigans when they join the Fediverse, then they absolutely should be Fediblocked.

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