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Hey everyone, sorry to ask this again, but my living situation has gotten more abusive & dangerous recently, so I'd appreciate it if y'all could give a poor nonbinary transfem punk some financial aid:

See this thread for more information.

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Keith PSA:

I'm not the best with CWs so PLEASE let me know if I've forgotten to add a CW to something, I promise it's not too much trouble

also, tell me if I've done something wrong, even if a neurotypical person would already know, because 90% of the time I have No Clue if you're upset with me or why. I'm *horrible* with social cues tbh

and also, in case it's not crystal clear: homophobia, transphobia, sexism, ageism, racism, antisemitism, and any other form of bigotry is NOT tolerated here.

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my only goals in life are to:
- be gay
- overthrow the government
- kiss all the boys

I'm live on Twitch now, playing :
Newer Super Mario Goes To The Pharmacy To Refill His Ritalin Prescription

I'm live on Twitch now, playing :
Newer Super Mario Goes To The Pharmacy To Refill His Ritalin Prescription

Clearly one of you perverts works in marketing for a mid-sized town in Spain

RT @Aspen_161_Demon

As you are aware, Kiwi Farms was recently hacked and doxxed by Anonymous and given the past history of Kiwi Farms retaliating against me for basically existing - I am on high alert for violence against me by fasc actors who with ties to Kiwi Farms local to PDX /1

how do i explain to people that
1. last time i used windows was xp
2. printers are entities made of pure, evil hatred, that thrive on the tears of humans
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Who is this for? Did someone at Tommy Hilfiger marketing just search "how do I do a metaverse?" And click the first result?

Twin Cities drag story hour defense 

Can't make it on Saturday? Let Saint Paul Public Library know that they have the community's support in hosting these life affirming events!

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Twin Cities: Fash from "Hold the Line MN" intend to protest Drag Story Hour in St. Paul on Saturday morning, at Arlington Hills Public Library, 1200 Payne Ave on the east side. Story hour is at 10:30; Fash have advertised they will show at 10am.

Antifascist response will be decentralized, and you are encouraged to prepare and join. Please read these slides for important things to consider if you do.

(reposted - deleted earlier post w/ wrong address)

Anyone who claims that MacOS has anything to do with BSD is lying. Almost all BSD system calls are horribly broken in one way or the other, and it's easier just to ignore them altogether.

But I still enjoy reading gems like this in code.

Dog person who is into being dominated 


"oh but its convenient to not have to worry about optmizations"

you know what is not convenient? when your software crashes my computer because of complete lack of optimization

"oh but ram is cheap these days"

this is 16 gigabytes of ram. it should be more than enough

you know how much latest 32gb ram is? €150-500, depending on speed

that is Not cheap in any way

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i think instead of releasing new computer hardware every half a year that is twice as expensive, consumes twice the amount of power and is slightly more powerful, we should simpley bully software developers into optimizing their fucking programs

skype got away with 100mb ram usage in 2015

why is my discord client in 2022 using nearly 3 gigabytes ram

new programming language where you get neither a garbage collector, nor a borrow checker, nor manual memory management

if you allocate a variable it's there now. you can't deallocate it now. what if you need it later? seems silly to remove things from ram if you might need them again later

when the program runs out of computer's memory it opens this page in your default browser

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