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Hey everyone, sorry to ask this again, but my living situation has gotten more abusive & dangerous recently, so I'd appreciate it if y'all could give a poor nonbinary transfem punk some financial aid:

See this thread for more information.

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Keith PSA:

I'm not the best with CWs so PLEASE let me know if I've forgotten to add a CW to something, I promise it's not too much trouble

also, tell me if I've done something wrong, even if a neurotypical person would already know, because 90% of the time I have No Clue if you're upset with me or why. I'm *horrible* with social cues tbh

and also, in case it's not crystal clear: homophobia, transphobia, sexism, ageism, racism, antisemitism, and any other form of bigotry is NOT tolerated here.

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wait are people actually tankies on here i thought it was a meme

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my only goals in life are to:
- be gay
- overthrow the government
- kiss all the boys

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desperately need to be pounced on, pinned to the ground, and forced to take a thick throbbing cock

July is Disability pride month so buy books from Disabled writers, including POC Disabled writers. If you'd like to toss something my way, visit

Systems of violence and authority will always be more organized than us, by their very nature.

We cannot out-organize these systems on their own terms.

This is why voting is ineffective.

But we are capable of something that these systems are not.

We are capable of understanding and empathizing with people, outside of how they relate to these larger systems.

We will not win over systems of violence and authority by exerting contrary violence and attempting to seize authority.

We win over these systems by building bonds and communities which exist outside the mediation of capital, violence, and authority, so that when those systems lean on us to exert leverage, they find that their leverage is void, because we're not playing those games anymore.

I found this unintentionally hilarious sidebar in a book from 1971


1. Is too "nice" to be true.

2. Wants to spend time with you alone.

3. Proposes that you be room mates and sleep in the same bed.

4. Writes you love notes as to a sweetheart.

5. Directs the conversation to intimate matters.

6. Wants to touch the private parts of your body.


Florida politics, homophobia / transphobia, kids in danger 

@thomasfuchs Meanwhile, in Orange County, Florida (where the Pulse shooting happened, FYI):

"Teachers must report to parents if a student ‘comes out’ to them.
Teachers must use pronouns assigned at birth, regardless of what the parents allow, meaning teachers must misgender trans students in class.
Teachers must remove stickers denoting a particular classroom is a “safe space” for LGBTQ students and others.
Teachers cannot wear rainbows on their clothing, “including lanyards distributed by the district last year.”
Elementary-level teachers are discouraged from putting pictures of their same-sex spouse on their desk or talking about them to students. Teachers are not being discouraged from putting pictures of opposite-sex spouses on their desks."

The first one in particular makes my blood run cold.

I hate to be like this, but unless someone personally knows the Average Shit-Kicking Florida Right-Winger, you just don't realize what they're willing to do to their own kids -- let alone some other parent's gay kid the school told them about.

And "coming out" to a teacher, in practice, isn't going to mean a queer kid going up to a teacher and volunteering the information, because the kid wants to have a nice chat about it or something.

It could be the kid getting bullied to an inch of their life, and accused of being gay -- very common -- and the teacher hearing the child confess to it. Even obliquely.

Now the parent will have to know, too.

There isn't a very high rate of support at home down there. Ask me how I know.

donk_enby is a hacktivist who helped expose right-wing extremists in the US and reveal details about the 2021 coup in myanmar. now she needs help, and this fundraiser by is only 14% to its goal. please donate if you can! more details in 🧵

A home of Black Trans people are in dire need of paying rent this month ($1,900) rent help is needed after job shorten hours + mental health leave. THIS IS URGENT. GOAL MUST BE MET TODAY.

Cashapp: $MatrixTbh
Venmo: BlackTransHome

Fireworks banned in your area? Try this fun alternative on July 4th this year!

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bruises feel strangely pleasurable

gay :anhorny: 

i forgot to take my normal pills so i'm just using fedi as a confession booth, i have no filter whatsoever

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also i kind of want someone to bite my neck hard enough to draw blood but I'll need to work on my instinctive pain response a LOT more in order to get to that point

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gay :anhorny: 

bruises feel strangely pleasurable

gay ~keithmail :anhorny: 

>I may have asked this already but
>Opinion on penis?

I love penises, I absolutely /cannot/ get enough of them. 😍 They're just so beautiful! 😊 Nothing makes me happier than watching a pretty boy's dick twitch and throb as it shoots thick, creamy ropes of cum all over his body. Except, of course, that same boy pinning me down and shooting thick, creamy ropes inside my hole instead.

Also, side note, I just wanted to point out that...

The US: *literally abducts people from other countries because they committed a US crime*

Yes, this is fine. The land of the free, as they say!
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