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Deine Größe macht mich klein
Du darfst mein Bestrafer sein

The thing about getting out of the depression is that I suddenly start feeling how lonely I am. This fucking sucks.

Also, I think at this time, there are no people with working class accents in any notable position in government?

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I don't think Americans quite understand how ingrained class is to (some?) European societies. Not to say that America is classless, but I get the impression that you can't find two people with complete different accents within 10 miles of each other, and one will have almost no prospects, and the other will be a literal fucking landed aristocrat with a title.

Working class trans women exude bravery in a way that is really fucking beautiful.


18 years old, getting ID'd while buying booze:
"Ugh, this is so annoying. YES, I'm old enough. 🙄"

Being 30, *not* getting ID'd buying booze:
"Oh god. Time... ravaging my body. My vitality... fading. Tell my wife... I love.. her... 😵"

do you think there are actual vampires in the world but they all hide super hard because people just keep trying to bone them?

America is strange. They don't seem to understand sharing. Well, less than we do, anyway.
Traffic in the UK is far from perfect but there's the understanding that if you're on the road then you keep an eye out for each other cos then nobody dies, right?
Americans are all "IF I HAVE RIGHT OF WAY I WILL WANDER/CYCLE/DRIVE OUT INTO TRAFFIC 😤 FUCK YOU " then wonder why they get all fucked up.

The problem with depression is that it is often quite a comfortable thing.

Nurse: " you're an O-?"
"Oh. Yes."

The state calls its own violence law, but that of the individual, crime.
-- Max Stirner

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