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"Dialectical materialism" are the words used when someone knows they're losing an argument but wants to appear clever.

I think Forza Horizon 4 has literally the worst soundtrack I've ever heard on any game.

People don't look at your teeth anywhere near as much as you think.

Getting really annoyed with this whole "fall asleep and wake up tired" thing my body is doing

If the cis don't like being called cis, I suggest we call them "default" instead.

Shagging a pig couldn't even bring down a PM, these people's supporters are not rational

political correctness only kills comedy if you're a shit comedian, John.

Me, before too much coffee: "Ha, there is no such thing as too much coffee! 😎 "
Me, after too much coffee: "Oh no, there is such a thing as too much coffee. 😖 "

lmao ebays internal naming scheme is apparently just *full* of racism. ourtraining tells us specifically to look out for "nigerian fraud"

Getting banned from tankie shit by pointing out that China is a global capitalist superpower

People moan about english food but a good fish (or sausage) and chips with a nice dose of salt and vinegar is a great cheap meal.

I need to visit Germany again. The ICE service is great. Eurostar is a lot of fun too.

Also I'd like to have a go on the Thalys and TGV.

I took this photo in Cologne while I was waiting for my connection to Bielefeld.

The sense of justice and equality, the love of liberty and of human brotherhood -- these fundamentals of the real regeneration of society -- the communist state suppressed to the point of extermination.
-- Emma Goldman

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