You and me baby ain't nothin but mammals so lets dump ass on the floor

gender euphoria
two great tastes that go great together

leftist infighting 

Vampire: I thirst for your blood
Me: I thirst for you~
Vampire: OK well now this is just a little awkward, how very dare you,

My gender is "making cute noises while being pinned up against a wall by a cute goth boy"


I dunno I just think history doesn't have a purpose and I'm not interested in fulfilling a 19th century German academic's idea of my destiny.


when peace is just another word for death... 


Reminder that American Sign Language and British Sign Language are not the same thing.

While it's good that people want to pass around information on such things, please make sure that information tells you what language you're dealing with - the internet anglosphere tends to assume everyone is american.

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