Very Online purity obsessionists get a rude awakening when they find out how little the real world gives a shit about their little cult. No change ever comes from being the one true Christ of social media.

It's great when genocide denialist tankies call you a racist on the internet. How's it going making excuses for imperialist global superpowers? You defeated racism yet? 😆

Honestly it's probably for the best that no one who runs leftist social media groups/pages/instances/accounts is in a position of power.

You and me baby ain't nothin but mammals so lets dump ass on the floor

gender euphoria
two great tastes that go great together

Vampire: I thirst for your blood
Me: I thirst for you~
Vampire: OK well now this is just a little awkward, how very dare you,

My gender is "making cute noises while being pinned up against a wall by a cute goth boy"


Me: "Ugh, men are so rough. 😒"
Also me: "Ooh, men are so rough~ 🥰"

I dunno I just think history doesn't have a purpose and I'm not interested in fulfilling a 19th century German academic's idea of my destiny.


I really want someone to beat me up.

Got them submissive masochist blues.

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