I don't think Americans quite understand how ingrained class is to (some?) European societies. Not to say that America is classless, but I get the impression that you can't find two people with complete different accents within 10 miles of each other, and one will have almost no prospects, and the other will be a literal fucking landed aristocrat with a title.


Also, I think at this time, there are no people with working class accents in any notable position in government?

@jospanner Also that cultural class and economic class are keenly distinct, as opposed to the US in which they are more tightly linked. I've met aristos who still cling to all the trappings of that class while being financially destitute. Also that there's cultural capital attached to certain accents in a way that's much more muted in the US, the idea that someone who can speak RP is inherently more trustworthy than, for example, a Liverpublian accent is just bizarre and nonsensical

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