COVID-19 is exposing a lot of truths.
The free market is useless in any kind of crisis. It is barely functional in terms of mobilising labour and resources in the best conditions, it is flat out useless when things are tough - and things are going to get tough as the climate worsens and the oil runs out.
It turns out that the people paid the least in society are the most important, and many highly regarded jobs just aren't all that important. can you explain how I could buy nintendo consoles in your ideal society? Cuz if you cant then it's just not something I want

@igel I don't have an ideal society.
If an item is not scarce, then you go and get it. If an item is scarce, we find ways to deal with that scarcity (non-capitalist markets, rationing).

Most scarcity is enforced, and you managed to pick a good example of one. Nintendo intentionally restricts how many items it produces to keep the price up in the name of profit.

Free markets are terrible at distributing goods to those who need or want them.

@igel Yes, if you ignore the answer I gave you.

Distribution centres and stores are not special to the free market. It is always a question of scarcity, and the free market artificially creates it. It does not resolve it. I have no problem buying a switch on amazon. No clue what you talk about, the thing is only 300 bucks

@igel Germany got ripped off by an Austrian and then got its ass kicked by Russian farmers who they literally deemed as "untermensch", but ok.

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