Curious George and the unfeasibly large turd

no facebook is great though
you are not allowed to make fun of nazis

Abolish the police. Not defund, not reform, abolish.

Look at the jobs that the police do that are socially beneficial, and start from the ground up, creating new organisations to do those job.

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Daily reminder that "policeman" and "policewoman" are both longer than the gender-neutral term "pig".

If you die on the internet you die for real


One Mario dies. Another comes forward to take his place. He will certainly also die. The cycle continues.

Do you milsim? Would you like to try?
Become an antifa supersoldier! Join 161st Infantry on Discord or Facebook:
ArmA 3 itself is on sale at the moment, so now is a good time to start!

Today, a report was leaked that shows that the Blairite faction of the UK Labour party had been actively undermining the general election efforts in a bid to get its leftist leader, Jeremy Corbyn, out.

So, I started looking up the names in the leaked report....

If you were a dude on 4chan prior to 2010 you became either a trans femme or a nazi. No other options.

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