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Reclaiming the term 'Libertarian' because:
1. We used it first.
2. We still use it in many parts of the non-anglo world.
3. Fuck giving anything away.

Playing defensive to appropriative behaviour is a losing game, because you'll always be fighting over your own ground, and some of those fights you will inevitably lose.

Someone needs to tell Mario that people don't need to "win" a party. What an asshole.

I don't think it makes sense to call it pirate radio unless there's actual pirates

'til I get my shit* in this motherfucker I wont ever die ๐Ÿคก ๐Ÿ”ช

*A libertarian society based on equality, solidarity, and sustainability.

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Find your truth
Face your truth
Speak your truth
Be your truth


As an anarchist I think it makes sense to tick a box on a ballot paper, provided you understand that that getting any further involved is a waste of your time. Don't buy into the hype of anyone in parliament.

Kind of funny that we're now at the point where the petit-bourg left can shut down discussion of class by accusing people of class reductionism.

The ability to manipulate social structures and hierarchies through social capital is itself a form of authority.

Small communities where everyone knows each other, like the communities on mastodon, leftbook, or irl activist organisations are prime targets for this sort of thing, and it happens a lot.

Social exclusion, bullying, schoolyard drama. It creates an "old boy's club" where the social leaders look out for each other to maintain their position.

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