DriveThruRPG deplatforms anti-establishment works without notice and steals your money to pay for their laziness. Comrades, repeat the Signal! Circulate *Police Procedure*!

Anyone else find that celebrating their birthdays makes them feel bad?

**Employment fails to protect against poverty, study shows**

"A comparison of the world's most developed countries has found that rising employment is masking an increased risk of living below the poverty line. In Germany, the contrast is particularly stark between generations."

#news #bot

SSHing into my Pi from my phone so i can feel like i am good at computer for a minute

The webpage of the german police union got hacked,
There is an anarchist message and a #hamibleibt banner to find on it now.

It is being done in response to the #police union protecting facists in the police, by claiming:

the cops that made and distributed images of themself in nazi chats, with nazi symbols written on the wall behind themself and a big tag that is directed against the climatejustice movment #endegeländemm have just done something imprudent, and the real problem is the discourse against the cops.

Now they are hacked.

If i was better at computer (and my fukkin arm didn't hurt) I'd like to have a crack at making anarcho mods for Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic.

We’re in December. @theESA has still not updated anyone on its data breach, during which thousands of journalists’, content creators’, and analysts’ personal information was carelessly exposed.

The organization continues to hope we forget.

Degeneracy All 1936
i am anarchy commune
410,757,864,530 ROUND BOMBS

complaining about the state of the web 

joke aheago shirts have the maga hat effect where you still look like a fucking sex pervert pedo from 100+ feet away and I'm not getting close enough to figure out whats really on your fuckin shirt

i love the sonic the hedgehog naming convention:

Sonic: named in honor of his speed
Eggman: named after his round, egg-like body
Knuckles: named after his large notable knuckles
Amy: Amy is a girl's name (Amy is a Girl)

tails: he has two tails
shadow: dark and cool like a shadow
rouge: BAT with TITS

After further lurking it looks like #introductions are in order so hi, I'm Aylen. I do organic #gardening and #herbalism, w focus on growing native + adapted food + medicine plants. I'm also interested in #decolonization, #anarchism, #humanrights, #FOSS, #sustainability and love #dogs. Hoping to decrease reliance on centralized social media for my garden logs and read+share cool #solarpunk skills+ideas. Nice to meet everyone, I recognize some of my tumblr friends :)

Alright, NordVPN basically admitted they're using residential IPs, but are claiming it's not secret, it's not malware, and they'll explain it to you if you sign an NDA.

I don't know how reliable nmap's "OS fingerprinting" mechanism is (other than it reporting its own accuracy, of course) but a strikingly large percentage of those IPs all appear to be cable modems by the same manufacturer.

Can someone smarter than me take a look at this?

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