While legally setting up buffer zones outside all abortion clinics is a step in the right direction, there are other steps that also need to be taken in order to establish a more humane law.

Charity is an excuse for allowing a system to continue in which poverty is a key feature not a flaw.

Groundhogs day except it's SocDems voting for democrats over and over again.

This is the freak that wanted to shoot counter protestors on the campus of Kent State. twitter.com/hfricken/status/10

Elon Musk, memes 

Well that's capitalism for you 🤷‍♀️

Our baby boys have to represent themselves in court but rich white men get treated like they are baby boys in adulthood. #BoysWillBeBoys #KavanaughHearings #AbolishICE

#ChristineBlaseyFord: Easily the biggest march so far, they’ve just hit the streets chanting “whose court, our court.” Next stop, SCOTUS.

#KavanaughHearings These sick politicians hide behind a woman who can reflect their ideals & ask questions they were too cowardly to ask themselves. They sit in silence as a woman is bombarded w/ questions to detail her assault and trauma to bear her soul in front of millions.

#BREAKING: People risking arrest outside the Supreme Court to protest Kavanaugh. They’ve linked arms across First Street.

Social Democratic reforms are a good start but not an end.
Libertarian Eco-Socialism or literal extinction!

It's absolutely fine and good to have LGBTQA characters, women protagonists, e.t.c.
BUT if a company is marketing a product entirely around that it's more than likely because they are trying to manipulate your wokeness for sweet sweet cash.
Show us good anime/films/e.t.c.

Shower thought:

No one has ever asked me what I think of them.

I've never asked anyone what they think of me.

It's a terrifyingly vulnerable question.

Had a dream last night where John McCain offered to buy my groceries for me except he had to leave for something and I wasn't sure if I should text him my list since he probably doesn't get how his cell phone works

Then I woke up

there’s no such thing as a head that’s perfectly shaped for the guilloti—

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