While legally setting up buffer zones outside all abortion clinics is a step in the right direction, there are other steps that also need to be taken in order to establish a more humane law.

Charity is an excuse for allowing a system to continue in which poverty is a key feature not a flaw.

Groundhogs day except it's SocDems voting for democrats over and over again.

Elon Musk, memes 

Well that's capitalism for you 🤷‍♀️

Social Democratic reforms are a good start but not an end.
Libertarian Eco-Socialism or literal extinction!

It's absolutely fine and good to have LGBTQA characters, women protagonists, e.t.c.
BUT if a company is marketing a product entirely around that it's more than likely because they are trying to manipulate your wokeness for sweet sweet cash.
Show us good anime/films/e.t.c.

Shower thought:

No one has ever asked me what I think of them.

I've never asked anyone what they think of me.

It's a terrifyingly vulnerable question.

Had a dream last night where John McCain offered to buy my groceries for me except he had to leave for something and I wasn't sure if I should text him my list since he probably doesn't get how his cell phone works

Then I woke up

there’s no such thing as a head that’s perfectly shaped for the guilloti—

We continue to stand in solidarity with the ongoing prison strike, and with all incarcerated people worldwide. However, we oftentimes forget that there are thousands of queer and trans people locked up in the United States. Many are labeled as child molesters out of spite and murdered, others are trans and sent, spitefully and wrongfully, to prisons that do not match their genders. This is a story of community defense, from the inside.


Reminder: Be very careful with quizzes that measure your "political spectrum" or some other variation that determines preferences, proclivities etc... based on a set of arbitrary and rudimentary questions

Unless you're blocking all trackers, or better yet on Tor, you've just given ad companies yet another set of data points to target you

Worse, you've given authorities, which will inevitably tap that data, ready access to information that's illegal to put on any census

Criminalizing homelessness struck down 

US 9th District Appeals Court rules that prosecuting persons for sleeping in public violates the US Constitution's prohibition of cruel and unusual punishment nytimes.com/2018/09/05/us/-hom

don't understand why anyone would buy a SNES classic mini when they could just buy a raspberry pi, 3d print a case that vaguely looks like a snes, download a bunch of romsets, install retroarch, spend 12 hours setting it up so that each emulator works properly and then spend 20 minutes actually playing the games

Why are people trying to ban plastic straws when there are way bigger contributors to climate change like fossil fuel companies and CVS giving out 12 foot receipts and billionaires

If Kavanaugh is confirmed I'm gonna run for office in 2020

Boost if you'll do the same

Finnish phrase of the day: Hullu paljo työtä tekkyö, elliehä se viisas vähemmälläki

Translates to "a fool does a lot of work, a wise man does less." A good message for Labor Day, or any day spent under capitalism.

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