everyone please look at this, it's very important and making me cry

@j lol the nonbinary support group i go to is on this map sick

@j also is it weird that its weird to me that someone put "first time having sex with a girl" on the house RIGHT NEXT TO MINE????

@j holy fuck this is actually really amazing, i'll add some of my moments to it too ^^

@j It makes me so happy you saw and liked it :3

@astraluma is one of the people who made it happen, and she is the best (yes, even better than sliced bread)

@j This is beautiful, and it provided some surprising info about a local Gaelic choir all the way up in Inverness, Scotland. Thank you so much for sharing!

@j It is like my favorite little thing on the internet, so many hidden stories kept alive.

@j I can't actually find any content on it. where does it actually have stuff?

@lavender click on the pins! it should make text pop up : )

@lavender oh, maybe your browser isn't loading it right? this is what it looks like when I open it:

@j i think it just doesn't have data in the cities i looked at

@j Hey, thanks for this. There are a couple of spots in my teeny hometown, and I'm crying bc I feel less alone and know where I can connect with people like me now. This may seem like hyperbole, but you just helped save me from isolation by giving me a resource to find people I'll be able to trust :heart_trans: :blobbowing:

@j This is so beautiful. Added a story of my own.

@j thanks for the incredible share! 'added a story about ReQlaim queer collective connecting with anticapitalist-autonomous-anarchist collectives in Luneta Park back in mid-2000s there! 'hoping the post appears soon!

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