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Hopefully uncontroversial opinion: Community driven projects must at some point prioritize the mental health and satisfaction of their contributors over their users.

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@enkiv2 This is essentially how the early 2000s "girl web" personal blog scene worked. People (including your truly) would start with doing a little bit of HTML/CSS/PHP to make templates for their pre-canned CMS on their CPanel shared hosted provider, and move from there into more complex coding/infrastructure/whatever, because they saw other people in the scene do the same (and usually write tutorials for it while they were at it).

A g@seldo@twitter.comhread laying out the evidence that abandoning oil in favor of electricity is not just feasible but strongly economically advantageous and, as of 2017, happening already all by itself.

Eye-dialect, if you didn't know, is the attempt to capture an accent in the spelling of words. An example of this is the writing of: Mark Twain

I uh... should have realized that tetch and tetchy were just eye-dialect for touch and touchy, but... nope I never knew. To me those were distinct words with slightly different connotations.

Recruiting email: “We see you write Perl and think you’d be perfect for this React/Node app”

So often technical debt is only portrayed in a negative light. Yet, leveraging technical debt is usually the differentiator between those who make it, and those who don't.

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ceejbot turns out the abbreviation ‘a11y’ is actually poor for accessibility

If you are a package publisher on npm you should have 2FA enabled. You can help me with one of my 2019 goals by enabling 2FA. Just one small update to your account could impact millions of users. If you already have it enabled, please RT.

(I mean, I have open DMs, so you know, even if we're not mutuals, just... don't open with "hi" if you're a stranger, 'cause that's like 70% creepy men.)
RT if you’re fine with mutuals sliding into your DMs

RT if you’re fine with mutuals sliding into your DMs

I feel like I should do something for it, but I also stopped caring about its content like, 12 years ago.

I have a application/website coming up on having a 20th anniversary in March and I don't know how I feel about that.

(Also how is that "tetch" isn't in any dictionaries?!)

All these functional-type methods apply to the streams in a ... well, streaming basis.

The only caveat is that the benchmarks are a tetch out of date.

Its test coverage has also improved a lot, so I'm finally more comfortable encouraging others to give it a go. Unlike mississippi, it augments the streams you work with, so things like `pipe` work the way you want. It also adds things like map/reduce/filter/flatMap, etc.

mah "little stream + promises = good times" got a couple releases this evening. It does a lotta the things you seen in mississippi but with a more unified interface and no readable-streams.

A long time ago, conforming to those gendered stereotypes was a REQUIREMENT by the gatekeepers.

You had to be a straight girl that loved frilly dresses and wanted to be a secretary or hairdresser.

But we've grown past that nonsense.

What if i told you:

There are masculine transgender women who love cars and motorcycles and sports, and are loud and assertive.

And there are feminine transgender men who are soft, and wear makeup and skirts.

And they valid

We aren't in this because we love stereotypes.

This article opens with:

> The other day, after two weeks of fruitless searching, I found my keys in the refrigerator on top of the roasted garlic hummus.

Which is waaay too relatable.

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