The sauce went on cheese ravioli, and was made with a bunch of things, including oil, shallots, fresh garlic, onion, soy sauce and nutritional yeast, in addition to the broad bean paste.

Cooked with broad bean paste (doubanjiang) for the first time today. No pics 'cause it was gone too fast, but yeah, goodness, that was excellent. This time it was an addon to a sauce, next time I wanna use it as a base.

Actual dish was a weird cross-cultural frankenstein thing.

I was very bad at this game (and most rhythm games really) but I enjoyed watching play through it, back when it was new.
Um Jammer Lammy - lesser-known sequel to Parappa the Rapper - brought her axe to t@JmacDotOrg@twitter.comion on this day twenty years ago! Now put those kids to sleep, will ya?

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@rugovit Basically, shoving that into a separate stream from my primary conversational use here.

@rugovit Ah, well, my plan is to post it to Mastodon, so I was looking forr an instance host the account for this. =D

Worth noting that this is gonna necessarily be a mix of fanfic, politics and tech, likely. Plus whatever random other stuff I end up reading. =D I read a lot…

I'm gonna try an experiment with tracking all the random stuff I read/watch/etc each week… but I need a place to put it.

Can any of y'all recommend a quality instance for this purpose?

@aredridel 'cause a lot of travel is just something I can't see avoiding

@aredridel I did kinda forget to mention my one real criteria, which is that I be reasonably close to a major airport =D (I really love Port Townsend but it's just too far from SEATAC.)

We had the realization that it would actually be cheaper to buy a house where it's nice in the summer AND a second house where it's nice in the winter and that would STILL be cheaper than one in the Bay Area.

Soo tell me, where do YOU think is best in the Summer? In the Winter?

We've had a great relationship with doing this, and we'd love to have one with you too.

We made explicitly to have a uh, non-denominational platform for these kinds of discussions!

My official position is and has always been, if you want to work on a an alternative client for npm registries, I'm _thrilled_ and please reach out and I and my team would be happy to answer questions or work through clarifying our specs!

Always fun to watch people you invited to collaborate and who declined to do so complaining about lack of collaboration. 🙃Like, y'all made that bed, I dunno what you expected…

This is so very true. Any time I introduce someone to a new section of code, what I'm actually giving is a history and a story of how and why the code ended up the way it is today. The drivers and limitations that led to its current shape.
I can somewhat see the appeal of literate programming, but actually it's really hard to tell a complete story about code purely looking at its present state; y…

Mmm, well, my primary email address is only 7 years old, but I can still receive mail at an address from 21 years ago.
How old is your email address?

Hey you all, we recently hired an awesome vp of product, now we're hiring product managers! Come work with us!

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Does anyone know of any research on extracting character names from books?

The NLP algorithms I've found so far only work well for primed list of names (mostly Christian) and mostly for organic references such as in news articles, and fail completely on narrative fiction.


I sit down with my interviewers prior to talking to anyone to write down the goals of their interview and then brainstorm questions as a group that we then parcel out.

If we have to swap out an interviewer, we still get the same set of questions asked.
Tweaking my personal hiring process:

I'm going to start giving agendas to applicants for their phone screens & interviews with me, along w…

@aredridel Though I would imagine looking for proper-nouned versions would help some. Hmm. Placenames would be the struggle though. Kinda no winning there. XD

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