I’m going for a computer that will hopefully last me even longer than the last one (6 years)... going with an AMD 3800X for CPU and a Radeon 5700 XT for GPU. 8 Cores... =D

So help me, I’ve ordered parts to build a new PC. (What with the ongoing unreliability of my older current desktop.)

I … really hate building computers, but it’s so much cheaper to do so… 😭

Telegram and Spark really need to disambiguate their app icons… =D

Incidentally, the Velveeta fudge is quite tasty, and I would swear I've been served it before, just by someone who declined to mention that was the source. =D

I also think it'd make a pretty amazing icing...

Nor will there be any Velveeta in the cookies. Apparently a disclaimer that's now required.

Normal cookies though, not like microwave only =D

Yesterday I made the much feared "Velveeta" fudge, which fun fact, gets all its cooking done _in the microwave_. Today, is gonna be cookies, whence I do both some gluten free and some whole wheat.

A project with a yarn lock and a dependency on npm is probably the most Node ecosystem thing I can imagine 😆

‘course that number is a biiit bogus, as it includes ever instance in anyone’s _lockfiles_ and a lot of folks depend on npm. I’d subtract _at least_ 1.6 million from it

I hadn’t noticed Github’s used by metric till today. Coincidentally with what is probably my most popular module (aproba). (Not counting some that I authored but now and forever live on npm's org.)

Trying out @SparkMailApp@twitter.com... it's pretty, but why are the j/k navigation keys backwards? j is down y'all

Oh yeah, I never posted post-color refresh so here's this morning. It's entirely too bright/hot out, so the sunglasses were a start...

Someone adds me to a list... I click on it out of curiosity and what do I see? @maybekatz@twitter.com retweeting @AceYuriBot@twitter.com 🤣

itsa good list then =p

Well... I can't argue that they didn't do it, it's just... I think Twitter is trolling me. 😂

(@seldo@twitter.com can attest to how much I do this. I think I emailed him like four times before npm phone screened me. =D)

Related: Sending thank yous/followups to interviews. Which... I'm really bad at in isolation, but often that's how I frame my gentle nudges. It's just an action to get yourself back at the top of their inbox.

You'd think that "oh, they forgot about me, they must not really want me" but people are fallible so that's not actually always the case. Further, everyone wants to feel wanted, so getting those gentle nudges improves their opinion of you.

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