Contrary to other folks of my age, I bounced off IRC hard, many, many times. Never felt at home on it, never felt welcome.

LiveJournal, MUSH, Usenet
I’m curious

For those of you that have been using the internet since at least AIM, where did you spend your time online before the rise of social media (pre 2008)?

"where the CLI lives, or who manages it [...] If we do the wrong thing, we disrupt build systems around the world. We need to make sure we don't introduce something that can cause confusion."

uh, that's not how the npm cli works 🤦🏼‍♀️

NPM management is deluded if they really think their internal chaos is caused by moving towards sustainability. Arguably, it's caused by doing the exact opposite. These are not the decisions of stable grown ups. It's deeply concerning.

Every month or so, this gets a few more likes... =D

In the dying days of tumblr, I'm still there for things like this...

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@bonzoesc Dinner at my place is an awesome science experiment that only sometimes involves having to order out instead. 😂

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@iarna I remember a website which goal was to find correlations in dataset that have nothing to do with each other. Things like sales of fridge in US create work in Germany or consuming more cheese in France meant dryer weather in Amazon

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@iarna a good example of this: a UK researcher claimed ancients were using aliens to make precise patterns in monument locations, and someone responded by taking store locations and did the same thing:

@mike @msh "no curation" can be worse than "quality human curation" certainly, but I would argue it's still better than "algorithmic engagement maximizing curation". Engagement maximization leads to things like "you watched a video game trailer, would you like to watch this crypto-fascist-conspiracy-video?"

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I'd like to announce the first release of cacache for Rust!

cacache is an implementation of a content-addressable disk cache. It's fast, secure, concurrency-safe, and is also the cache for npm! The Rust version is fully compatible with the original!

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When I started at npm, Ceej would tell us over and over “We keep the registry up.” It was our mission. It was why the company existed. It was why we got up and went to work. Making money for npm meant the registry stayed alive.

If we get this working, our mission will succeed.

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Some quick updates on the pattern matching proposal. There's two major changes coming to it:

1. You can now use `case` in expression position as long as all branches have expr bodies.

2. `when` is maybe out, replaced by `let`/`const`/`var`.


Wow this is really cool! (Let's you view the source of npm packages and diff versions!)
@mikeal Took a few months, but here you go 🎉

Well, after like, three weeks, I'm now actually ready to start formally applying to places, rather than just having casual conversations. For those I was talking with earlier, thank you for your patience🙏, I'll be in touch soon!

If you say "I'll measure all the things, then look for patterns" I promise that you'll find them. But it doesn't mean they mean anything. In a big enough data set, some patterns will exist from random chance, no matter how unlikely.

Gathering the wrong data, producing unactionable reporting, is often actively harmful. Worse than not doing it at all. We would be well served to remember this as we go to instrument our systems.

I say "ought to know" but we still screw this up with monitoring and logging all the damn time.

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