Every month or so, this gets a few more likes... =D

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In the dying days of tumblr, I'm still there for things like this...


Fun fact: npm@2 didn't have discrete steps 2-5. Or rather, it didn't do them for your project, it did them individually for each dep, concurrently, and in turn for each of their deps and so on.
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This is the process that *basically* all package managers do:

After a few failed attempts with sugar substitutes, I broke down and made them with real sugar. They're lovely with walnuts and marshmallow.

Digging through the Wayback machine for old employer's logos... ok technically three of these were the same place (albeit two different, concurrent, companies).

(fun fact, apparently Twitter doesn't support gifs as plain images... a problem when you're trawling logos from 1998)

Every time I read the project description for @maybekatz@twitter.com's make-fetch-happen it makes me laugh:

I can't say I've ever bought actual honest-to-goodness comic books, but... @seananmcguire@twitter.com is writing this so maybe I will now...
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A new relaunch for Gwen sees her go to college in the 616! Ghost Spider 1 W@seananmcguire@twitter.comnanmcguire and drawn by @takmiyazawa!!!

oh hi, I'm in this photo XD
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Congratulations to @github on their announcement earlier today! Eager to explore new options in package management. If the warm reception and feedback from the crowd in attendance is any indication, this project will be here for years to come. 🎉

Verdict is: surprisingly cakey, not very fudgey. Really quite light. Flavor is subtly off... I'm blaming the baking powder substitution for that I think. (Vaguely citrusy aftertaste)

From a crossplatform tool dev pov, this is really really excellent news. The state of terminals on Windows has been strained for a while.
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Microsoft unveils Windows Terminal, a new command line app for Windows

The alternative 10 year timeline refers to our Second Life wedding. 'cause... those were a thing. We'd known each other for a whopping month and a week (but it felt much longer). In the first pic my avatar is on the right, in the second, on the left.

It was a small ceremony in an unbelievably gorgeous venue, but also very nearly exactly what we wanted. What I can't get over is just how much weight I've lost since then. Also what I looked like before blue hair. 😂

Oh, btw, I stitched together that big pan of Glimmer's D&D AU version of herself in hi rez.

In this I am Entrapta and this is why I can't watch suspenseful movies.

While it looks a bit dire in the jar, it's actually a lovely pink in the glass

The other day someone asked for the recipe for the rather opaque tea I was making...

So here it is:
3 bags of black tea
Some whole star anise
A handful of whole allspice
A handful of hibiscus flowers
Some ceylon cinnamon sticks (some crumbled)

Serve w/ lime and sweetener

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