Slack update? What slack update? There's no update to run. Everything is fine. Fine.

When your fandom progresses to producing fanart of women with a trans flag in front of a burning conversion "therapy" center, you know things have gone in the right direction. 😂

(original here:

Everyone's talking about the new slack logo but uh… I have concerns about the new slackbot icon…

You want to sponsor your event? Get one of our amazing public speakers on stage? Help mentor developers at your hackathon? Or just want some swag to share the npm love within your community? There is one link to rule them all

In other news, now support .wasm imports (and importing js into wasm!), and it all works together with typescript nicely. Check it out:

Helped land a small RFC change to npm: (thanks and co)

When running npm install, it won't add the ^ to package.json if the version (on latest tag) is a pre-release (possible for breaking changes in between pre-releases, esp. a major version)

E live red carpet. This is legit the funniest thing I have ever seen. What a joyous mistake. Tahani would DIE! LOO LOL LOL. ?

What if i told you:

There are masculine transgender women who love cars and motorcycles and sports, and are loud and assertive.

And there are feminine transgender men who are soft, and wear makeup and skirts.

And they valid

We aren't in this because we love stereotypes.

Oh hey, I grew up with this book and its sequel. XD
Sorry to ruin Christmas or whatever but I unfortunately have to share these excerpts from this 1970s children's sex ed book

My mother managed to dig up the origin of my grandmother's Christmas cookie recipes, preserved in a cut-out from a article from a very very long time ago.

As yet messing are her fruit cake recipe, and something we always called "yumyums" that seem to be ungooglable.

If you haven't tried running npm xmas you should. Run it more than once. 😉

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Today I'm wearing the ugly as can be first-gen wombat socks.

On the one hand... oops, I browsed w/o an adblocker, lemme fix that. On the other... uh... well targeted? I think? I find it both appealing and ugly at the same time? 😂 help!

In the dying days of tumblr, I'm still there for things like this...

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