Young radicals, ilu, but please don't be complacent and think you can just wait out the older generations. That's what the radical boomers tried to do when they were your age, and then preceded to be shocked at just how conservative their contemporaries were.


Honestly, I heard the same refrain from my fellow mid/late Gen-Xers because somehow we somehow forgot how incredibly racist and homophobic our peers were in highschool, I guess?

"But things are so much better now!"

Yes, but... if I go pick a gamer stream at random, what would you say the odds of me hearing a homophobic slur in the first five minutes? Those dudes? They're be voting conservative when they're 50.

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Yeah, folks do sometimes get better, I do know people who recovered from being complete shits in their 20s, but it's so rare as to be nearly singular.

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