This load order ( is built around Dragonstone ( a wide ranging overhaul from the author of the Haze combined Weather/ENB

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Dragonstone covers a bit of everything _really_, from dragon behavior to npcs (think populated skyrim + immersive patrols), to combat to race defaults and so on. A little bit of everything.

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Two specialty points of this build:

1. I've found great success with taking ALL the patches of any kind, shoving them at the end of the load order, and generating massive merges from them. (Obviously this requires some care and hand patching.)

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2. The texture merges at the start and the end of the load order are generated with very small shell scripts that read the list of mods and then copy all the files together. I then BSA them after with CAO.

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Uh, yes, I am automating my Skyrim modding in WSL, why do you ask? =D

@iarna skyrim mods may be the worst package format ever.

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