Hair dye talk time:

So for many years, I swore by Joico, both their semi-permanent and demi-permanent lines. They're good, but the latter in particular is very limited in color options.

Lately I've been experimenting with two newer brands (or newer to me):


The Good Dye Young, is a semi-permanent brand with a pleasing selection of colors. It's dyes wash off the skin more easily than many other semi-permanent brands, though there is still some staining if you're not careful. It also lasts longer than most semi-permanent dyes.

N'Rage is a demi-permanent brand, it has a more limited palette than semi-permanent brands, but broader than most demi-permanent brands. Like other demis, it features essentially no skin staining--it literally wipes off with a damp cloth, while lasting even longer in hair.

The Good Dye Young is a vegan brand, if that's your bag. For myself, overall, N'Rage is currently my preference.

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