Spent some time and made a cover sheet for my medical record since I keep seeing new doctors who ask all the same questions.

If you aren't following @BlackSocialists you are missing out. I can't think of another account I more consistently want everyone to be reading.
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Forget labels.

Our battle can be boiled down to this:

Authoritarianism vs. freedom.

There are Liberals, Conservatives, fascists, AND so-called “Leftists” who support hierarchy/domination.

Everyone but the fascists claims to do so for “freedom.”

They are all misl…

The thing about recovery is that in abstract I feel _fine_, but at the same time it takes all of my energy to just move through the sign-posts of the day. It's feels ridiculous. It's like being depressed but without the mood effects.

when I use the wrong "your" in a tweet and don't notice immediately (to delete and repost) I then spend the remainder of the day staring balefully at the tweet and there's nothing I can do to stop this

Every time I see "expected true but was false" I get very grumpy at people's tests. Means either the test framework or you aren't doing what your supposed to be. Your test failures should be friggin' descriptive.

Tests are a major part of developer UX -- be kind to yourself!!
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but the cops of course, provided no value whatsoever. and indeed that is as a rule the best case scenario for calling them

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(I intended to quote tweet
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All of this "wait until you get robbed or attacked" stuff that gets thrown at abolitionists... like have y'all ever actually been robbed or attacked? What did the police do? Write it down?

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It was still painful, 'cause I had just moved and started a new job after having taken a year and a bit off to learn web stuff. I was making maybe 30k a year at that point 'cause being a programmer in rural Maine in the 90s only paid well compared to the poverty in these towns.

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They broke in with a butter knife because my land lady only had a in-handle lock. She insisted on my paying half of having a deadbolt installed and was grumpy about that.

The only saving grace was that I it was like the cheapest TV you could buy.

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I've called the cops once, whenI as young and dumb and I had my TV stolen in Maine while I was on a trip. They came in, tramped mud around, admitted they'd been called to the house but let the guys breaking in go, 'cause they claimed to be my "friends".

I misread "pineapple" as "principal" when I first read this and thought it was some grade A snark, lol
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Today a first grader told me that she doesn't need to learn what I'm teaching because she wants to be a pineapple when she grows up.

Hey @izs, just to double check before I go write this, but is there really no cli wrapper around node-tar currently? Easy enough to whip up, but no reason to double up the work if something exists somewhere?

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Well, I just spent twenty minutes trying to find a node tar cli implementation that would create a idempotent tarball before realizing I could just call npm pack. Um. yeah.

Smooshed eye patch is for reading screens while my eyesight returns

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My advice was: Be happy for them. Ask them what it means to them. Ask them what they want from you as parent. This is a place where it's good to be curious.

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(Which ... it wasn't clear, but does not appear to have happened yet, but he was pretty sure it was coming soon, eg observing his child's friends using they/them pronouns with them.)

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During my recent stay in the hospital I:

Advised a nurse on how to dye her daughter's hair.

Talked Sailor Moon with another nurse because of @sailorhg's stickers.

Advised third nurse on gender inclusive group words and how to handle his child coming out as non-binary.

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