I can't believe I waited 20 years to replace the damn thing.

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I feel a little ridiculous about it, but I bought a new pot recently and I'm so in love with it. Little things, like not wobbling when the contents get up to a boil. XD

I actually think people are predominately good and well meaning. But I certainly don't think people are universally good. And we contain multitudes, so that's not even true in any one individual.

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"Personal responsibility" as a solution to problems is horribly naive idealism. There is irony that the right accuses the left of naivety while keeping this principle central but it's just yet another tiring case of their constant projection of their issues on everyone else.

The problem is never "bad cops," the problem is cops. "Personal responsibility" is a toxic meme that plagues our society.
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Joe Bennett stopped to film Jeffersontown Police as they surrounded a car. He said he was doing his "due diligence as a citizen."

Then one of the officers walked across the parking lot and punched him.

It reminds me of TCL, which sets my teeth on edge, but it also reminds me of MUSHCode which warms the cockles of my heart. As such I prefer to admire it from afar.
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This, but society and capitalism
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Just a tremendous editorial cartoon in the ⁦@WinnipegNews⁩ today.

welcome to seeing through the veil, it isn't all that

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yes, 8 months ago feels like an entire epoch ago, a different time and place, populated by people with whom we are only distantly related ... that's not normal?

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2020 is the year where everyone else gets to experience time they way I do every year

I baked mini pies today, these are about an inch and a half on the bottom, maybe two on the top. I guess I'm baking for Entrapta now. One's on the left are strawberry, right are apple.

Much of this is kind of explainable but... Top Gun? Whyyyy?

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Ok, so I was _trying_ to search for Water Panther, this hard disk brand most famous for selling knock-off WD 18TB drives a couple months back. But I couldn't remember the name and I tried "wet panther" and 😱🤣

So has anyone ever noted that Biden and the Mayor from Buffy have exactly the same demeanor?

So the chip migration for apple is gonna kill dual booting isn't it? =p

PHP's ability to continue modernizing their language is legitimately impressive stitcher.io/blog/php-8-before-

It took me like three tries to get this... "I can't wait for the es-que-ell" that doesn't make any sense... "I can't wait for the squeal" still no "I can't wait for the sequel" ooooh
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I saw a great movie about databases today -- I can't wait for the SQL.

It's telling that neither Visual Studio nor Visual Studio Code have adopted these monstrosities. Though my copy of VS pops up its drop down menus right aligned instead of left aligned, which is pretty weird.

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If you're a Mac user and never had the affront named ribbons pushed at you, well, what if instead of a drop down menu, your menu bar was actually just which tab of unlabeled buttons you wanted to see? Unless it's the file menu, then it's a side-slide out.

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