Insights on the costs of getting stuck in local maxima, of sticking to workarounds, of deferring learning, from The Oatmeal:

I am going to have to explain to people why "cross dressing is the joke" is not ok, and I am just so tired.

Learning Git through a GUI is like learning SQL through an ORM. For good and ill.

We did find it, and ultimately it wasn't that memorable. But we were nearly inseparable from that moment on.

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11 years ago today, I met my wife in Second Life deep in the night as we both were on a sim looking for a maze promised in its description when the sim crashed. When it came back up we commiserated and ended up hunting for it together.

Dear web developers, not all domain names are websites, please stop hyperlinking them. Signed, anyone who has to write about mail servers.

People's response when they see two pronunciations in a dictionary:

Yeah, but which one is _really_ right?

It was a rough year for everyone involved, but I've gotta give kudos to the Folks Who Remained, that they kept things online and kept the drama invisible to the bulk of the user base. And added some nice new features! That's worth celebrating!

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Ok, so, here's my take:

Given the npm of 2019, I think this was, for the community, nearly the best possible outcome, despite the centralization of everything with MS. I too find that concerning... but I don't see short-term practical alternatives.

RT @github
We’re excited to announce that @npmjs will be joining GitHub. Millions of JavaScript developers rely on npm, and we’re honored to support this community…

Firefox's Picture-in-Picture video pop-out is pretty keen, but I keep seeing it out of the corner of my eye and thinking its a video conferencing window. 😂

As in, previously on Windows I had to forgo determining if two files were actually the same (eg, different name, same inode) because that wasn't happening. (So on Windows it ended up relinking files a lot.) But not in WSL. =D

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So I had use for this again, and... ok a few things:

First it's actually MUCH faster running from WSL than from native windows, even on a local filesystem.

stat on Node-for-Windows does not return an inode. Apparently stat on Node on WSL _does_, even on NTFS, and its useful!

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It does things like group by file size -- it'll never hash a file if it never sees another file of the same size. It also only hashes the first and last n-bytes. (1MB by default IIRC.) Not safe generally, but fine if you know your data.

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Years ago, I wrote a tool in Node that takes some number of paths and looks for identical files and hard links them together. It's a weird tool, optimized for being run on a network volume on large video files.

Today I have used a CROSS JOIN in anger. Also postgres "WITH" clause.

(Uh, that sounds worse than I intend it: The manipulation is often not intentional, and is about making themselves safe within the system they live in. This is a reasonable and expected response.)

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But the truth is, emotional safety is mandatory for any sort of accurate measurement. No matter how quantitative you think your measures are, if your staff doesn't trust the system they can manipulate them.

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Folks also hand wave "measure" in part, because it can feel hard to be quantitative and folks tend to think that qualitative measures are more influenced by emotional safety, and most businesses aren't really committed to building that.

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I suppose because we don't often teach how to make "process" a concrete thing, like source code, or running systems..

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