My secret: It's hard to be disillusioned with something that you never had faith in to start with.

So Steph… famously a (original) Star Wars hater… decided to watch ALL of them on her recent trip and I've been getting updates over Slack…

Barista called me "babe" and I was sufficiently flustered that I entirely forgot to get milk for my Americano

Honestly, I'm a little disappointed that the web service wrapper wasn't also in Pascal. It's not like Free Pascal doesn't support the web.
⏳ A 45-year old Pascal program from a book published in 1974 is now running 'serverless':

If anyone tells you "serverless" is for new apps, you should introduce them to serverless containers and Clou…

This feels suspiciously exact, especially when all the competition is like "39 Ratings"

I've decided I want Ma Po Tofu tonight, and now I'm trying to figure out who will sell it to me without pork. XD (That I lack the right kind of tofu is the only thing stopping me from just making it myself)

She's also the reason I ended up here. I don't usually reply to recruiters, but her LinkedIn message made it clear that she actually had paid attention to what I was looking for and actually had a match for that. Rather than the shotgun approach so many seem to follow.

I've never actually worked with a recruiter before, but for a position where you don't have an embarrassment of applications it can be amazing. At least, when you have one who really does the work up front to find the right people and give them a good first impression.

This was only possible 'cause we had an awesome recruiter who did a lot of up front work. I'd tag her, but she doesn't seem to have used Twitter since 2014… probably a wise choice really.

I told folks this was going to move fast once we had a candidate who aligned with us, but I don't think they expected Phone Screen→Start date to be like a week and a day. =D

This is breathtaking
Massive progress in IntelliCode, powering your AI-pair-programmer. Our unsupervised model makes Python feel like a typed programming language. Uses GPT first developed by OpenAI. @VisualStudio @code @AzureML @OpenAI

It is 9pm and I want to bake. (No, not like that... like literally a cake.) But it is definitely too late to start on that. *grumph* Well, a thing for tomorrow.

forgive the "think" instead of thing, and the bathroom mirror that I _sooo_ need to clean 🙃

Laundry day thus the NPM shirt, but I'm continuing to dig the look -- I've been feeling flirty lately and it's a weird foreign think

You'd think I'd learn better than to try to compose a tweet thread in the twitter interface, because there doesn't go a day that I don't accidentally throw it out part way through. The UX is just... _that_ bad.

It still took me another couple of years to actually use the cpan client, instead of just ftping in...

For me, in my earliest days they didn't come with source, but starting with Perl pretty much, especially after the CPAN website really became a thing and browsing package contents was an obvious thing to do. (Both to read the docs and see the source.)

How often do you read the source of the libraries you use to understand how to use them? Have you always done this? If not, when did you start?

uh, does anyone else ever feel guilty for being talented at things? "geez, this other person had to work really hard for this and it was easy for me, now I can never speak of it"

tbh I think with a shorter haircut I could pull off soft butch pretty well

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