The quiz is uh... a thing. It's gonna require a lot of explanation to anyone not mired or adjacent to mired in far left politics just due to jargon, and specific turns of phrase that Mean Things.

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That part of you that's more aghast by incompetence than by morally reprehensible behavior? Yeah, that's your complicity.

"What have you been doing to relax?"


Adding tint masks to rain textures?

The Mass Effect "paragon" and "renegade" are actually just "which type of movie cop do you want to be"

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anyway, never mind the "benevolent" sexism — anyone pitching the idea that women are by nature moral beacons of goodness, non-violence, and harmony is on some white supremacist shit.

womanhood is not a moral position. manhood is not a moral position. transition is not a Morally-Weighty Act, except that it is morally good to seek one's own happiness. gender is not about being a Good Person. being oppressed is not about being a Good Person. everyone has the agency to do the right thing, and everyone deserves justice.

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Here to remind you that "formative experiences" are not a thing that ever need end. They need not be a thing limited to your youth. In fact, if they are, I suspect that you really won't take getting older well. 😛

So uh, as someone who has effectively been off Twitter since Twitter decided to force the new interface... New to me is the "Who can Reply" feature, which has got to be the most valuable feature change they've ever made.

The thing about coding exercises in interviews is that they tend to be of a kind that ordinarily I'd write a test for the spec, then iterate on that, but that's not actually helpful if you can't run the code.

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Interviews today saw MS Teams crashing my entire desktop twice. While interviewing with MS.

(Uh yes, still. Interviewing has been molasses slow. No declines, just sloooow motion.)

Systems of laws can be good, actually, but our systems of enforcement are _unredeemable_. Fuck them. Abolish prisons. Ban cops.

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That anyone can look at ANY PART of our whole system from policing to punishments and not be in a constant state of appalled shock or apoplectic anger is honestly horrifying.

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When I'm feeling optimistic I think that someday history will look back on the criminal justice system in the united states as one of the greatest moral failings in history.

The lady with the dog trying to commit murder via cops from the other day? We've been calling "Dawn" in my household. I'm not 100% sure why, but she had strong "Dawn" energy.

At least I have consistent views hour to hour? Wait, is that a thing to celebrate? 🙃

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"wow this is really important!"

*a moment passes and the dawning realization that I already retweeted it*

*a second moment passes and I realize I'm looking at my own profile page*

I _do not get_ "scientific bakers" because nothing feels more like I'm brewing a magic potion in a cauldron quite like watching my yeast culture get active. Plus like, getting your hands in and deciding hydration by feel is so visceral...

(This is in no way related, afaik. I'm pretty sure that work on that particular product had ceased by ... right about this time last year.)

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oh hey, this looks very similar to the thing I was PMing at npm just before execs set fire to the company. but good to see some validation that it wasn't a terrible idea. XD

her take, btw, was "it sounds like some kid playing on a demo keyboard at the mall in the 80s" and... she's not wrong?

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