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qdd@1.3.0 now has a `qdd-node` command, which will run your app, auto-downloading dependencies to cache and loading them from there, much like @npmjs's tink or @yarnpkg's pnp.


The one thing fandom teaches me again and again is how certain sorts of forum avatar immediately make me read folks as assholes.

Also that it's like 90% accurate.

(The reverse not as much.)

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So if I delete `package-lock.json` and run @npmjs@twitter.com it downgrades a bunch of "resolved" urls from HTTPS to HTTP. I've reported it to the security team a while ago and heard nothing back. Is anyone else experiencing this?

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Biggest surprise of being back in the Boston area… it's warmer here… still. Also I forgot what muggy weather felt like. 😂

Dear greater Boston Area, I'm now here.

(Ping me if you wanna get coffee or something, I'll be around and pretty flexible.)

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another thing

IMO, "Linux" is too general of an interest to form large decent communities over, smaller communities seem to be fine (like for example the IRC channel I met @chosafine in all those years back) but once they get to a certain size it attracts unpleasant people

I suppose that is a more general statement on how communities work

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It will take a concerted effort. It will take time. It will mean calling out and possibly alienating some of your most fervent community members.

Building community means knowing who you are, values-wise, but also who you aren't. You are always the best and worst of your community.

Without a line, you're the worst of *everyone*.

And once seeded, fixing a community is difficult. Beginnings are _so_ important.

This isn't the sort of thing that ends with an apology and personal good cheer, because it's not about one person.

When you define your technical community as not-other-technical-community, then don't be surprised when the folks you attract are rather combative and sometimes more concerned with trashing the former than supporting the latter.

Or less deployment and more provisioning. I wanna be able to replace one from my own durable storage relatively painlessly. (Data backups are a separate thing, I've got that covered.)

Ok, help me out here...

I have like 3 server instances out there, and with some work they could be 1. Oooor... they could be like 6-7 smaller instances for the same price.

I'd prefer the latter, but I'd really like some automated deployment mechanism. What should I be using?

Oh look, a mandatory 1password update that broke browser integration. Again. No, I'm not in the middle of a Chrome update. 😒Every six months or so, I swear, since they added the stupid "browser verification feature". Do not want.

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I think I'm gonna start the church of the sphinx of black quartz. They are a benevolent deity, if not omnipotent

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@mhutch @iarna now I have this picture in my head of them being stopped or resumed by turning towards or away from them

Zombie processes should have been called ghost processes.

They have unfinished business and can't move on until their death is acknowledged by their parents. That's totally ghost territory not zombie territory.

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I find the difference between how front-end developers understand CSS and how browser engineers understand CSS utterly fascinating. There's a huge gulf — almost like these two worlds are working with totally different technologies. I had no idea until I joined the @CSSWG.

This is the validation and culmination of @maybekatz@twitter.com's hard work this past few months.

npm has a well documented, easy to use, and easy to maintain api now!

Looking forward to seeing more tools switch over to it!

@maybekatz@twitter.com libnpmaccess now in use with lerna v3.4.0. Next up, libnpmpublish!

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