Though despite that I still had to hit the wayback machine to find logos XD

And also the Arcus/DialMaine/AcadiaNet triad, I was a bit more than just an employee. =p

Digging through the Wayback machine for old employer's logos... ok technically three of these were the same place (albeit two different, concurrent, companies).

(fun fact, apparently Twitter doesn't support gifs as plain images... a problem when you're trawling logos from 1998)

Every time I read the project description for's make-fetch-happen it makes me laugh:

Well it's a pleasing idea to imagine that we can teach children to do it, in practice ... well, we as adults struggle to just learn from our own mistakes, let alone other people's.

Ok, I wanna talk a bit more about this:

The reason this is hard is because it requires both the empathy to understand how and why someone came to make a mistake and the humility to believe that you could make it to.
Learning from your own mistakes is great, but if you want a _real_ super power, learn from other people's mistakes.

The Good Dye Young is a vegan brand, if that's your bag. For myself, overall, N'Rage is currently my preference.

N'Rage is a demi-permanent brand, it has a more limited palette than semi-permanent brands, but broader than most demi-permanent brands. Like other demis, it features essentially no skin staining--it literally wipes off with a damp cloth, while lasting even longer in hair.

The Good Dye Young, is a semi-permanent brand with a pleasing selection of colors. It's dyes wash off the skin more easily than many other semi-permanent brands, though there is still some staining if you're not careful. It also lasts longer than most semi-permanent dyes.

Hair dye talk time:

So for many years, I swore by Joico, both their semi-permanent and demi-permanent lines. They're good, but the latter in particular is very limited in color options.

Lately I've been experimenting with two newer brands (or newer to me):

Learning from your own mistakes is great, but if you want a _real_ super power, learn from other people's mistakes.

hmm this office chair is definitely past its last

I can't say I've ever bought actual honest-to-goodness comic books, but... is writing this so maybe I will now...
A new relaunch for Gwen sees her go to college in the 616! Ghost Spider 1 W@seananmcguire@twitter.comnanmcguire and drawn by @takmiyazawa!!!

And I know I have a high bar here. Most of the industry can't pass it. And no one wants to be told "you're expending a lot of useless effort that only harms people" but well...

If you tell me about your engineering hiring practices and they sound abusive to me, I'm not gonna work for you, even if you'd let me skip them. It's not always about one's personal well being, darlings.

I kinda want to say it had to be less that 250MB. But I don't really recall a size between that and what was in my families first PC (which was an overclocked to 10Mhz 8088, with a 20MB hard drive, with 1MB of RAM)

The 486SX line was cheaper than the DX line, in that it had its FPU disabled (I vaguely recall something about it being the part of the 486 production that failed quality checks on the FPU)

My first on my own hardware was SLS Linux on kernel 0.99.12 (which it turns out puts this at a very specific time, between August and September of 1993). I'd've pegged it as a little earlier, but nope. This on a 486SX, at 25Mhz, with 8MB of RAM, and I dunno, 250MB of HD?

We were given Mainframe accounts to do our work in Waterloo Pascal, but I spent most of my time in the sun cluster on usenet. =p

My first actually-knowing-it-was-Unix was a SunOS 4 machine at the local university (I took the uni's CS algorithms class ("intro to CS part 2") when I was a sophomore in HS.

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