While conversational chemistry is critical to any relationship (coworkers, friends, romantic), the true measure is "can you comfortably sit in silence".

Slack update? What slack update? There's no update to run. Everything is fine. Fine.

When your fandom progresses to producing fanart of women with a trans flag in front of a burning conversion "therapy" center, you know things have gone in the right direction. 😂

(original here: deviantart.com/alpharieartist/)

Everyone's talking about the new slack logo but uh… I have concerns about the new slackbot icon…

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You want @npmjs@twitter.com to sponsor your event? Get one of our amazing public speakers on stage? Help mentor developers at your hackathon? Or just want some swag to share the npm love within your community? There is one link to rule them all go.npm.me/sponsorshiprequests

Alrtighty I'm clearly recovered from this cold, I just used "whence" in conversation.

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🌅wasm-pack 0.6.0 is here!🌅

newly configurable build profiles, full cargo feature flag support, cargo workspace support, and more!

thanks to @fitzgen@twitter.com @alex_crichton@twitter.com @RReverser@twitter.com @cs_moe@twitter.com @mstallmo@twitter.com @jhakansson_@twitter.com @macclark@twitter.com + everyone else who contributed! 💗


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In other @npmjs@twitter.com news, now support .wasm imports (and importing js into wasm!), and it all works together with typescript nicely. Check it out:

OH: You must be sick or having some fun, just noticed that you are not on Slack.

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Helped land a small RFC change to npm: (thanks @maybekatz@twitter.com and co)

When running npm install, it won't add the ^ to package.json if the version (on latest tag) is a pre-release (possible for breaking changes in between pre-releases, esp. a major version)


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Is anyone working on support or tooling for software engineers organizing protests of conscience within their companies?

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Ratified @npmjs@twitter.com RFCs of the week: overrides & no caret ranges j.mp/2QD5PS9

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today's hax: incrementally fetching *individual files* for a package, as-needed. That means in most cases, tink just plain won't download all those bulky README and LICENSE files. Or unused dist/whatever.min.js files.

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Engineering societies have codes of ethics. Engineers still build drones and bombs and chemical weapons because we have coded around murder when it’s done by a state.

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We confuse ethics with morality all the time. What we say is unethical we really should call immoral.

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Just added "how to become an open source contributor in 10 easy steps" talk abstract to my speaking kit. Let me know if you want me to give that talk at your conference or meetup (I'll add a lot more topics, slowly, one by one) >> … j.mp/2Cbs1xT

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