This is so true. You really don't know how wrong people can be till you meet a lay person talking about an area you're expert at. And even knowing that, it's challenging to maintain appropriate humility for those topics where you're the lay person.
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I think a lot about how this is happening for almost every expertise in almost every industry for almost every topic. People are in such a rush to form and defend…

I'm not usually much for makeup, but when I have freshly dyed vibrant hair, I kinda feel like I should pick up some matching lipstick at least...

Every time I see GC I have to context switch to not just think "garbage collection" but I suppose they are garbage in need of collection...

queering is absolutely undeniably a kind of hacking, but is hacking a kind of queering?🤔 I feel like I could make plausible arguments...
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is “queering” the same thing as how tech guys use the word “hacking”

So I used aquafaba to make meringue for the first time recently, and its amazing. (This was mostly driven by not wanting to waste it after making hummus.) What truly blows my mind is that we've apparently only known this was possible for something like 10 years now.

It's also just deeply conservative and I find it disconcerting that so many people who have otherwise leftest politics fall back on it again and again. We need justifications beyond just "returning to a golden age" -- the past was full of people not aliens or angels.

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The notion that we're declined from some imagined time of grace in the past is the heart of fundamentalism, but it's also so deeply ingrained in our culture that people reflexively go to it when complaining about the world.
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@Lollardfish The notion that we’re stupider or more selfish than we used to be hampers our ability to figure out effective strategies for dealing with what’s going on now. Not only do we not pl…

Cooperation, because no system has utility without other people. No piece of software, no matter how trivial, exists in isolation. If your software doesn't serve people then it serves no purpose at all.

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Curiosity to know the why of systems, not just how. To explore and learn new things. To find root causes. To follow an insatiable desire to understand systems that motivates everything else.

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Patience to work through the unanticipated indignities of bugs in your software, recalcitrant dev tools and frustrated users. To stick through to the end even when things are hard.

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My three virtues of a programmer:


Why do Dune movies insist on putting people who live in a hot desert in all black?
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A new poster for has been released.

These recipes are incomplete, because after you bake them, there's a whole extended storage period where you braise them with brandy or rum regularly.

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This weekend baking is fruit cake! I have two family recipes that I'm starting from, what I bake will likely be a synthesis of things from these and other recipes:

The information available to customer and vendor is deeply skewed toward the vendor and any time that's the true, you get brazen grifts. When vendors know they can openly lie, they will.

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It'll do better on a random sampling of the general population than if you ask it to compare only folks of the same demographic.

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These sorts of systems have very different false positive and false negative rates and even that is going to be very different depending on the populations being compared.

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It's largely an arbitrary measure where the _only_ information is "higher is more sure". You might think that it refers to something like, "97 out of 100 times the match is right", but no, afaik it never means that.

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there is no ethical use of facial recognition -- worse the whole norm of systems like this saying "97% match" deeply misleads users of the systems. It's a measure of confidence but contains WAY less information than you'd think it would.

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This teenage girl was kicked out of a roller skating rink after facial recognition software falsely matched her with someone who had been involved in a fight. We need to ban this Ji…

it's almost like power generation should be a government service
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The problem is that solar panels generate lots of electricity in the middle of sunny days, frequently more than what’s required, driving down prices—sometimes even into negative territory.

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