I don't any more, but it literally took like 20 years to reach that point.

The thing about this is, I never really thought of myself as someone with anxiety, but I absolutely spent most of my career feeling anxious every time this happened, even though I knew that it was almost always irrational to do so.

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important PSA for people with anxiety
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Watched @_irina@twitter.com's RustConf "From Electron, to Wasm, to Rust (
Aaand Back to Electron)" talk today! A great practical story of bringing Rust with WASM into a web platform application, and the challenges of that process. Cross language debugging is still challenging!

I just regret not making this joke at the time. It sounds like a grim thing to reference but tbh it's entirely my family's kind of humor. XD

It was not an accident that May 1st was chosen. Though at the time that was all me and not Steph. But she'd be all for it now—I've thoroughly radicalized her. =D (I kid—she was well on her way without me—I just helped nudge things along.)

I was married on May 1st, so I guess you could call it a Red Wedding

I actually don't think this is deliberate ignorance. I think that people really are that ignorant, and they're ignorant that they're ignorant, so they don't even think to dig deeper. The USA has had a very long running systematic propaganda campaign against unions.
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This take is just deliberately ignorant. Anyone can read up on the history of unions, why they have considerably improved working conditions for mi…

oh heck yeah!
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Yay, we got top-level await working for async-std!

Very excited to be introducing this again! We came up with this over a year ago. Implemented it for Runtime 6 months ago. And now it's finally part of the async-std family of crates!


One of the Discords I'm on has a Void channel, for venting without replies or advice, and it's a great thing.

Running product meetings without anyone specifically responsible for the product is a challenge. =D

People talk a lot about how WASM will let us run *whatever* in browsers, but no one talks about how there being MANY WASM runtimes means that other languages can consume cross-language modules, without anything as complicated as another language's runtime.

Remember that moment in the Dune miniseries when Feyd-Rautha wears a triangular lampshade on his back? =D

uh, without the redundent structural structure =D

What do you all think of the term "Engineering Ecosystem" and "Engineering Ecology" to talk about structurally building career growth into the structure of your organization?

'cause every time I come home and wakeup my pc, I have to sit through 10 minutes of notification toasts, one at a time, for every notification that came in while I was away. And sure I can click on the notification center icon to stop this, but... who is this helping? =D

The Windows "notification center" is one of those places where, product wise, I feel like people forgot that desktop computers exist.

I really need a browser addon that removes the extra spaces I edit into my tweets.

Next round I'm gonna include some chunky sea salt, and it'll be magnificent. Next round I'm gonna not include the peanut-butter chips as they didn't add any noticeable flavor. But the mix of milk and dark chocolate chips was 👩‍🍳💋

I also did some other weird twists, which I'll have to document, but in short, when rolling my batter balls around in toppings, I included some granulated sugar, which resulted in some subtle and delicious glazing.

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