For goodness sake, it's right there in the name. Suuure, you can _try_ to spin it that they're just magic video phones, but come on, their entire narrative purpose is to corrupt people to evil.

There is no more plainly evil company than Palantir, so I expect these entreaties to their staff to do the right thing to go no where. If they weren't already compatibly evil or apathetic, they wouldn't be working for them in the first place.

someday people being wrong in my timeline about the npm cli will be something I can just shrug my shoulders and walk away about, but... I don't quite have enough distance yet for today to be that day

Contemplating live-blogging (or maybe live-tweeting) The Rose of Versailles, which I've had DVDs of sitting around for ages, but haven't actually cracked open yet.

I know the general outline, and the things its influenced, but none of the details.

What's the city version of a baba yaga house? I want that. =D
ME, 10: I want a big mansion

ME, 20: I want a cool apartment

ME, 30: I want a small hut that stands on chicken legs & has been hidden away deep in the forest

I _do_ take on hobbies other than programming, but given enough time they always seem to turn into programming despite my best efforts.

(And more so, how many times I had to iterate on that starting dependency structure to illustrate that pain point.)

I've referred to this algorithm as "maximally naive" and beyond doing a breadth-first walk it pretty much is. But despite the fact that it's not that involved to describe, _reasoning_ about can still be very twisty, as is shown by the walk through of it in action.
@maybekatz @nex3 @MilanLoveless @isntitvacant Ok, so apropos this thread, I sat down and wrote up an explanation of how the resolution algorithm…

CEOing while pregnant is pretty badass...

I've been making rice with it for a while now, but I continue to be blown away by host fast it is with an instantpot

Also funny thing about the design interviews, one was about adding webhooks to a product, the other was about consuming webhooks.

I do kinda love design interviews, although these were kinda... straightforward. I guess getting asked to design systems that you actually have designed before is gonna be like that though. 😆They didn't _mean_ to do that, but I've had a long career.

Third is in fact scheduled. Wrapping these up now! Interviews this time were ... weirdly low stress and generally a lot of fun. =D

I aspire to be the sort of person who can say "fucko" without blushing, but I am not.

I think my uncle lives his life just so other people can say "I told you so"

Our little dog is peeking out of our fourth floor window and growling at passing cars. Honey, I'm pretty sure they can't hear you...

It means losing the ability to build up a certain sort of righteous anger, because every disagreeable action becomes a confluence of limitations and pressures that led to that action, not just some jerk being a jerk for jerk reasons. (They may, however, still be a jerk.)

One of the things about adopting systems thinking is giving up scapegoating and blame. And we give good lip service to ye-olde-blameless-postmortem but what about the rest of the time? What about with people who you otherwise don't like? It's hard, and takes practice.

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