It would be *interesting* to see someone actually try to reproduce them as described, but I'm not sure it would be *good*.

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Rereading and is it just me or do the descriptions of the myrddrall not sound like low-effort CGI? Like, cloaks not impacted by the environment, no blood when cut, etc. They're uncanny but in a way you'd think were bad effects if done as described.

hmm, got a "you were near someone with covid" notice for the first time

Chrome remote desktop on our local network and I can remote games to my Pixel Slate without any perceptible lag! It's genuinely impressive!

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Mea culpa, I was very dismissive of folks who were trying to get me to use remote desktop to share keyboard and mouse with another computer (eg, plug all the monitors in one machine, then remote the one's you want for other computers) but uh... the tech has come a long way!

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I was part of the SL/Open Sim work back in the '00s during my time at Linden Lab.

I remember Infinity Linden (Meadhbh Hamrick) working on the protocols for protected asset transfer and the things I've seen around Web3 remind me of that hairball.

Burning a rain forest to take my Zaara Kohime spaghetti-strap top and shorts set from SL to Open Sim is just not worth the effort.

I'm honestly a little disappointed that I never attract the cryptopologists, lol

I'm on Matrix now @ -- any community suggestions?

Even the "Play to Earn" stuff isn't new. SL had that too. I remember when a collectible pets game came out where you could have them breed and then resell the resulting offspring. Results were based on a whole genetics system, and some were very rare, to push up prices.

Oh hey, OpenSim seems to still be active -- most recent release, Dec 2021!

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Compulsory hetrosexuality is a hellova a drug, and it hits trans folk as much as cis folk.

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Also his girl avatar was hot, but I actually slept with his boy avatar, so that's not really relevant. :shrugs:

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I have only very tangential stories with this... in SL I slept with one of the bigwigs in that initiative once. It was a weird time in so many ways. =p (And I was still figuring out my sexuality, I felt obligated to give guys a chance, which in retrospect seems uh...)
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IBM spent a huge amount of money on trying to make virtual meeting rooms and offices and all of the things you hear from current metaverse hype.

TVs were actually just an object with a surface marked as "media" -- media surfaces could render URLs. But these details were hidden from casual users.

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Of course, there wasn't just _one_ store, and there were competing standards, some required that you buy a separate "VCR" for playing the "tapes". Most just had custom "TV"s with their tech embeded.

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But there was something lost from the immediacy of it being in world, and the ability for friends to drop by part way through.

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My (now) wife and I used it to watch videos together in sync. Sometime just us, sometimes with friends visiting. The tech was janky and the streaming quality not great -- once Netflix streaming was a thing we switched to doing the classic "count down to press play" thing.

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This was right around when Netflix announced streaming services -- pirate streaming wasn't on anyone's radar yet. But there it was.

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... you'd need a rental ready "tv" that you'd place the box next to. It'd then bring up the video you rented and it'd stream in world to you (and anyone else in the room). These, of course, were all ip infringement, but this no one cared.

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