High winds at our campsite, 30mph, gusting up to 50!

Overall, I like Charis SIL best for a certain softer goodness to is glyphs while not making them to wide as the more courier inspired fonts do.

Opinions regarding e-reader fonts, brought to you by reading without my glasses with the font size jumped up: palatino is to spikey and sharp, volkorn is better, but the line thickness on some glyphs (eg w) is too thin, literata isn't bad, if a bit typewriterey...

Back on the road with new spark plugs, coils, pcv valve and cleaned fuel injector

Bunch of possibilities from code. Worst case would be cylinder which would total the vehicle. More likely less dire though. They're investigating further.

Welp, the light was still on this morning, spitting gas when revving. At a mechanic now having then run diagnostics.

To make the trip more exciting: The check engine light came on for the last leg, and started blinking just as we pulled into our stop for the night. Will we make it the other half of the way there? Will we make it home? We'll see =D

The actual experience is quite a bit weirder, with the entire skyline as a solid perfectly straight rainbow gradient

Double polarization is wild . Pic of sunset through sun glasses and tinted windows

When I first met Steph in Second Life, she'd regularly marathon weekends without any sleep. I'd hang out with her till like 2am on a Saturday, go to bed, get back up the next morning and she'd still be on, without having taken any breaks. The woman has stamina.

And when I say "sucked in" I mean... jeez, marathon game time of the likes we haven't seen since Second Life. Staying up till 5am, then getting back up at 9 and getting back on.

(Also no long cart ride to test out new mod settings. Not that it makes _that_ much of a difference given how long it takes mods to startup in a new game.)

All this said, the game itself is… growing on me. I think that Alternate Start - Live Another Life is the singularly most effective mod for me. Just... ditching the main story line and setting your own goals is way more satisfying, and the mod makes doing that straight forward.

Honestly, in part, I was tempted in by the fact that I have a beefier machine than she does, and could turn all the visuals up to 11. But also just so that I could follow along with what she was doing.

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