Ya know, when companies have record profits they could so something about inflation by just dropping prices and bringing profits back down. But somehow op eds never suggest that. (Lowering profits? Unthinkable! Better that people starve!)

Though I guess as long as locals don't go along that's gonna fail, hard.

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I always prefer local anyway, but it's unusual for that to result in a discount. Can't help but feel like this is the nationals trying to take advantage of expectations around inflation to jack up their prices without consumer backlash.

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Interesting to see local brands in the grocery store here massively cheaper than national brands (which are running close to 2x as much in some categories)

"They want to make us less human so we don't have human rights" say the weirdos about a philosophy that's all about expanding, not contracting, what we consider human

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I have to admit that one of the weirdest things this year is the right wing deciding that 'transhumanism' is a thing that A) can have an agenda or B) is about, I dunno, raising children without parents or something.

oh hmm, the svg actually declares the font inline, I forgot about having done that, but my modern svg editor doesn't seem to support that?

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Forgot that I'd made a copy of the avatar logo in SVG converting the PLATO drawing commands into SVG tags. Of course, the thing it doesn't get is the PLATO font for the text bits... the font has been TTFed though, so that could be fixed...

It is shocking to learn that the majority of people don't tip on app services like doordash or uber/lyft. What the heck is wrong with y'all?

oh how I hate mobile UI on desktop. That plus in the bottom right to add new documents? violates every norm of desktop ui since forever

(As someone who has always had an outsized vocabulary, I am intensely aware that some folks like myself in that respect treat their vocab as something that makes them superior. Those attitudes at their heart are just classism and racism.)

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I dunno who needs to hear this, but someone having a bigger or different vocabulary than you do, doesn't make you stupid. Communication is a mutual activity and if someone is unwilling to rephrase or explain, that's on them.

"mask encouraged but not required" does not count as accessible

as a rule I support being mad at execs, but as long as you're peeling back systematic pressures it's really capitalism that drives all this -- bad exec behavior is incentivized and inevitable
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“Be mad at execs” is honestly the best advice we’ve ever heard.

If you run into an issue in the game that upsets you, more often than not it’s due to pressure from execs to get the product out the door. NO ONE in dev likes rele…

apparently posts to communities don't show up in the general timeline and can't be retweeted... fascinating... twitter.com/i_a_r_n_a/status/1

The latest iteration of this seems to be CSS that sets the selection color such that it's invisible, but technically still exists. Which, gj I guess, you beat my js blocker, but the reader button still works.

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Why do news sites think that stopping users from selecting text is of any utility to them? Like, even if I wasn't the kind of weirdo who is stingy with giving websites access to javascript, I could just hit the "reader" button and the limitation is gone.

If this kind of computer assisted collage wasn't copyrightable it'd have a loooot of weird and damaging knock on effects, especially around computer games.

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Versus procedural generation: If I as an artist use a tool to combine a bunch of pieces of my part together into a collage I still hold copyright over the result. And that's all procedural generation is. You can do it entirely in photoshop if you want.

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importantly: ai is not procedural generation. ai can synthesize images that are entirely unique to them, with no discernible human components. that is to say, true original work. those can't be copyrighted. this is not what procedural generation is.

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