don't forget the $650 billion in subsidies to convince oil companies to drill for oil.

and how much that alone costs to have folks travel all over the world to further kill the planet and ignore the damages they're doing to local environments

that would pay over for so many folks' healthcare alone...

capitalism kills

@hipsterbeastboy Just to give anyone reading this an idea of just how much that $650 billion is: That could literally pay for my mental health care *21 million times over*. And, that's assuming I have to undergo PHP and IOP once a year (which I would *hope* I wouldn't) and that I'm going to my therapist once a week. For my run of the mill mental healthcare? *108 million times over*. And instead we spend it on multi-billion dollar companies. We're literally letting people suffer for profit.

@auravulpes like, money is a fake concept the rich use to marginalize/monopolize the lives of the working class. we are literally all being starved for absolute bullshit when everyone can literally and should be taken care of. shit's so ridiculously tragic

@hipsterbeastboy And then there's the subsidies given to Amazon to pay for the profit losses from undercutting the prices of the competition.

And the funding that makes up the majority of new pharmaceuticals that's then handed over to the marketing companies to then sell the drugs our money developed back to us for a profit.

@KitsuneAlicia god yea h it's just all such a clusterfuck of bullshit that no one can avoid unless they have tonnes of fucking money. it's so terrible and like, rich folks are literally 2% of the population it should've never been like this and capitalism needs to be a part of history we never repeat ever again

@hipsterbeastboy Capitalism is just feudalism with extra steps.

That's why the nobles actively pushed it as a replacement system when the monarchies fell.

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