On this date, Jan 8, in 1932, Korean anarchist Lee Bong-chang threw a bomb at the car of the Japanese emperor as he returned from a military review.

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Still holding strong in #unistoten territory. Dancing to hear that friends from #Gidumten checkpoint are being released today, and ready to face what comes tomorrow.
Solidarity actions are holding up our hearts. Thank you all for throwing down so hard!

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**Explosion vor AfD-Büro in sächsischer Stadt Döbeln**

"Vor dem Büro der AfD in der sächsischen Stadt Döbeln hat es am Abend eine laute Explosion gegeben. Es entstand erheblicher Sachschaden. Die Polizei ermittelt wegen eines mutmaßlichen Anschlags."


#nachrichten #bot

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I should mention this view of history as modes of production does not mean historical materialists only look at economics as the driving force of humanity, of course such a view would be absurd. here is the general structure of how HisMat's view such things


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Update from the Nicaraguan Insurrection:
Horizontal Organizing vs. Left #Neoliberalism and the Pitfalls of #Nationalism
Two weeks ago, we published a report from the #uprising in #Nicaragua that began in April. Since then, the situation has only intensified. Here is an update from our #comrades in Nicaragua, describing the most recent developments and the stakes of the struggle.


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