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me: *in tears* fuck you're so right skybot

Godddd stop spreading the propaganda that entry-level retail workers are punished for other people's shoplifting. They aren't! I've worked retail for 4 years at 5 different places (Walgreens, Target - at 2 locations, Sam's, and 2 local places) and have never heard of this happening. Shrinkage is considered part of expenses, entry-level employees aren't expected to stop shoplifting (and are more often explicitly told not to), and this is definitely against company policy at any big chain

I'm sure it does happen under the table or at small businesses, but people talk about it like it's guaranteed every time you nick a drink. It's fucking not, and by saying this every single time someone talks about theft you're doing exactly what the capitalists - including the ones who enact this policy - want. They're holding workers hostage and you're giving in to their demands

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What economists call over-production is but a production that is above the purchasing power of the worker, who is reduced to poverty by capital and state.
-- Peter Kropotkin

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abolish nation-states, let nations and cultures flourish together as is natural

wouldn't it be amazing if college/university was just like a casual thing? like it's just a place you can go for free whenever you want, don't have to apply or anything, anyone can come in and sit in on a class theyre interested in.

sort of like a library. and there's no tests or anything, it's just for if you want to know more about a subject

The sworn enemy of your emancipation is the state: it is best embodied by the union of these five stereotypes: the property-owner, the soldier, the judge, the priest and the one who serves them all, the intellectual.
-- Nestor Makhno

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Things we can learn from the gilet jaune, antifa, anti-cap 

We are in a society where the power is in the hands of those who are the worst breed of humanity.
-- Malcolm X

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UBI is so fucking frustrating to me because it feels like people willfully stopping just short of saying "the free market has failed to provide people with their essential needs" because they dont want to give up on liberalism

if you vote the man who lives under America gets bigger

@cocoron non-profit board-game cafes, comprehensive and universal childcare (ages 3-21) which still allows students (not just their parents) a large degree of autonomy and flexibility to find the programs that work well for them. At least 1 vegan entree at Applebees 🤷‍♂️


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