your daily reminder that the sudden elimination of a capitalist state will not address homophobia, racism, ableism, and other implicit biases

even if the revolution was tomorrow, we would still have work to do to get to an actually equitable world

one of the reasons that white anarchists frustrate me is this belief that if you topple the state, the goodness of people will float up and all that pesky racism stuff will melt away.

this is a dangerous belief. the revolution doesn't end at revolt.

No one wants a boss, to be a boss, to work under a boss. The people you like working with are the people you respect as individuals.
-- Alan Moore

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Even if a non-binary person is openly trans, revealing what that non-binary person’s ‘gender assigned at birth’ was without their consent is a huge privacy violation.

When you do this you are allowing transphobes to more effectively misgender them. You are often revealing details about their genitals and hormone/surgery choices. You are taking away their chance to be seen for who they are on their own terms.

Don’t do that.ever.

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Gonna make my fortune selling pike and halberd blades that screw into those wooden push broom poles at hardware stores

@chr krusty Krab is unfair! Mr krabs is in there! Standing at the concession! Plotting his oppression!

If you only steal from big chains - which should be your policy anyway - you don't have to worry about the employees being punished. Focus on not getting caught and they'll just treat it like miscounted inventory

I'm an anarchist and a communist but not a strict anarcho-communist if you know what I mean? I don't want to adhere myself to a single tendency within anarchism

any recommendations for anarchist/anti-capitalist news sources more broadly? ty all

it is not sinophobic to say China is suppressing a religious and ethnic minority. it is islamophobic to even remotely suggest all the Uyghurs in China are terrorists and deserve to be repressed. thanks

i voted against Britain existing (also known as ‘Brexist’)

Police: Enemy of labor, guard dogs of capital.

This morning in LA police threatened striking teachers with arrest if they did not stop picketing as they attempted to escort scabs. See the BRRN-LA Facebook page for videos.

#UTLAstrike #NoScabs #StrikeToWin

Aspec exclusion isn't compatible with anarchism.
Denial of non-binary identity isn't compatible with anarchism.
Bi and pan erasure isn't compatible with anarchism.

Exclusionism isn't anarchist.

I think it's not talked about enough that the understanding of the US as a tired and dying empire is common knowledge and such a reality that there's a whole fascist uprising against that fact lol

Earth First: **New Era for Mexico’s Zapatista Army, 25 Years After Uprising**

"Zapatistas have come an incredible distance, drawing various sectors of Mexican and international society, regardless of their background and skin color, into a struggle that continues today."

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Anarchist News: **Indigenous Anarchy & The Need for a Rejection of the Colonizer's "Civilization"**

"From: First, let's define some basic terms. “Indigenous” means “of the land we are actually on”. “Anarchy” means “the rejection of authority”. The principles of anarchism include direct action,…"

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every company is like “pay your overdue bill” lmao get the heck outta here

Libcom: **Why pacifists aren't as bad as Peter Gederloos says they are**

"A critical review Peter Gederloos' How Nonviolence Protects the State, a much-read but rarely analysed book. There needs to be much more discussion about the relationship between violence and anarchism [...] but Gederloos' book helps nobody. sherbu-kteer read more"

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