Watching Tigers of Scotland on Netflix. The forest kitties are almost extinct cause of deforestation and game keeping. Combined with animal agriculture it also killed off the lynx which we're having to reintroduce. Also give your pet cats the snip!

Me and my friends trying to negotiate a game night when they all work random shifts often with little notice of changes. I suppose that's in the capitalist's interest, how can we organise collective action if we can't even organise a game of Call of Cthulhu.

I have finished my observation of the First One's 'cartoon'. It is interesting to say the least. Hopefully I will find more data of this sort to study. Perhaps it could be integrated with the 'RPG' data crystal.

Finally got a copy of Cybergeneration (have difficulty reading off screens) Interested in its theme of revolution. Also looking at Sigmata (this Signal kills Fascists) and SYNC for similar reasons. Any other TTRPGs with themes of revolution, resistance, activism etc? Thinking of making my own game based on anarchist politics but want to see what's already there first.

Maybe Class based RPG systems represent the idea of a static innate essence or identity whereas skill based systems, especially ones which change with use, represent a more you are what you choose to do version of identity?🤔

Maybe our choice of crunch suggests an ideology as much as the fluff?

Probably though I just need to reduce my caffeine intake and get some proper sleep.

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