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the modern web is 100% a hellscape of trackers, popups, wall to wall ads, and autoplaying videos that make the browsing experience 1000% worse than hacky, unresponsive pre-web-2.0 HTML pages from the good old bad old days

day drinking saved my throat from my cold, but i shouldn't make it a habit

I've found this very cool sticker in my neighbourhood while on my walk today :heart_pride:

Why do fascist apologists insist on the idea of appeasing fascists for there to be peace?

Why is it always "If we pay workers $15/hour, the prices for everything will skyrocket!" but never "How can we afford to pay CEO's 347x more than the average employee?"

public library usage has never stopped growing and any suggestions to the contrary are merely pretexts for further stripping the commons

#GiletsJaunes; police violence; injuries 

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