If I were to say; move to a new account from one instance to another, who would follow/keep up with me?

Which fucking galaxy-brained economic genius is responsible for government employees having to pay income tax on their earnings to the same government that employs them??!

Like, it just seems like pointless overhead. Typical capitalist inefficiency.

β€œOh your salary comes from Government funds which come from taxes, primarily income tax, so we will tax you so we can pay you out of what we just taxed you.”

I just... 😫😀



Just had to ban a user from my discord thanks to him being a transphobe in a server where 2 out of the (now) 7 active members are MtF.

Anxiety 3 

movie livetoot thread: Weird Al's "UHF"/"The Vidiot from UHF" 

movie livetoot thread: Weird Al's "UHF"/"The Vidiot from UHF" 

Smash mouth was right, The years start coming and they really do not stop coming.

Garfiald doesn't actually know anything about the comic strip Garfield. Nobody knows why he picked that username. He didn't know what lasagna was until 3 months ago.

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