Selfie, eye contact. 

Reposting due to me being on the wrong account at first. Felt good about myself lately and wanted to share my new hat.


1930s depression progressives vs 2020s depression progressives

A photo of the loaf who wouldn't let me get out of bed this morning.

political tests for fun 

Retook some tests for fun, and this all seems accurate. Hardcore leftist who's for people first not states or money.

Hey does Mastodon/A.Space do this for anyone else? It happens like 50/50 for me. No idea how to fix it but wait.

cursed jeopardy 

Alex Trebek with James Holzhauer's teeth

Man Linux is kickass. I can listen to my new non-spotify collection of music with the terminal? Sign me up! Oh. I already am. Fug.

Decided to install the pantheon desktop. Looks good on a Mac.

Reinstalling Debian to my mother's MacBook 2,1. It a actually works. I just couldn't log in on the last machine. No idea why.

pol, capitalism, image description 

The UN estimates that it costs 30 Billion USD to end world hunger. The world has just under 2200 Billionaires, worth about 8.7 Trillion USD.
So; for 0.3% of their worth, they could end world hunger. That is akin to someone who make 52K a year to spend $3 a week to end world hunger.
Over one BILLION people starve annually so those 2200 people can buy a 40th yacht. 🀯

I'd like to interject for a moment, what you are calling Anarchism, is actually GNU/Anarchism, or as I like to call it, GNU + Anarchism.

this is Ted Cruz's official photo for his current term. He looks so fucking weird.

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