it’s raining softly and the pigeons are taking refuge on our balcony :blobcatlove:


@vy I honestly don't get pigeon hate, I like the lil guys.

@debs They leave a little poop now and again, but they clean up all the little bugs they find in our planters 💕

@vy Hey speaking of, the pigeons in my area are doing their little singing and just walking around. I like their talking songs.

@debs There’s a flock on my block that spend their time congregating around the local 7-11 and the adjacent apartment building yard; hanging out with the homeless folks and the elderly bread-tossers; flying around in the sky as a great cloud occasionally, landing on a couple of their favorite rooftops in groups of at least forty. Sometimes a few break off to come visit our balcony, for a change of pace I assume.

@vy Cuuute. Birds are honestly wonderful creatures, all of them. If I could I'd have one as a pet but my RV isn't big enough nor has the equipment for a bird.

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