Voting should be a right, but often isn't. The changes we're seeing in policy are coming from elected people following the lead of protestors. If you can protest, please do. If you can vote, please do. Or do both.

Register here:
(Or, if living overseas, you have to do this every year: )

@celesteh To me as an anarchist, voting is a form of harm reduction. While in my home country of America where Democrats and Republicans are two sides of the same oppressive stick beating the people, progressives on your local tickets can help the local people more than a president or a senator.


I think part of the reason the police, nationally, are so out of control has to do with the federal government, so I'm voting for the democratic nominee ... with no illusions.

@celesteh I'm voting green party because my state is solid blue no matter who I vote for. So might as well try for Ecosocialist for president.


I probably would have done that last time, except it was Jill Stein. I hope the current nominee is inspiring.

@celesteh Howie Hawkins is probably going to win. He's a wobbly, super chill, and he's just generally nice to listen to. Actually a socialist!

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